I Support Women Who Support Women

This post has been one that’s been on my mind for the absolute longest. I’ve thought what will the title be? What would everyone think of this non-fashion, non-beauty related post? Would anyone even care to read it? But the bottom line is that this is a post that’s so tremendously NEEDED.

Let’s begin with this one statement that’s so simple, yet so powerful, “I support women who support women”. Seems like logic, right? Unfortunately society is set up in a way where women are constantly competing with one another instead of uplifting each other. Whether it’s men, jobs, popularity, etc., I’ve found that women are more ready to knock the next women off her tracks if it means she’ll get to the top quicker instead of figuring out a way to uplift one another to both reach the top. As odd as it is, it’s as though women think by uplifting another it’ll somehow hinder themselves from getting to the top.

So I ask, HOW SWAY? Please tell me how helping someone else can hinder your success? At the end of the day as a women who’s on her grind I’m confident I can assume several things about you:
  • You’re not putting all of your grind into one thing
  • You have other associates/friends who also have a hustle they’re pursuing
  • If you’re hustle is built on QUALITY, your circle of entrepreneur friends are probably of quality as well
From that, the conclusion I come to is if EVERYBODY in the circle of hustle is of quality and EVERYONE in the circle genuinely wants others to succeed, HOW will supporting one another hurt you? If someone can explain this to me I’d gladly give you everything that’s in my bank account. Seriously, send me an email.

I’m sure some of you are thinking well they could sabotage you, take your spot or campaign, or other things. Now, I believe that people will in fact sabotage others, but I said associates/friends. Those are the keywords here. I’m not talking about Becky with the good hair or that random girl you run into from time to time. I’m talking about an associate or friend who you’ve built a mutual relationship with whether business or personal. If they’re a real friend or associate they’re not going to have this negative mindset and should actually care about you in some capacity.

Take for example myself, a content creator, blogger, creative and whatever other name you could give me. Bottom line: I BLOG. So to all the female bloggers I’ve met by joining blogger networks, starting my own network and even just mutual social media friends, I consider them to be my blogging associates. Some are even closer to me like Bree, Michelene, Amber, Kel, Chelsea and Shea to name a few, so I’d like to think that we’ve established a friendship. All these women, I TRULY and GENUINELY want to shine. I want every single female blogger I’ve ever crossed paths with to grow, get opportunities and be successful, because that’s exactly what’s happening to me and let me tell you it feels amazing! So of course I want everyone around me to feel that bliss of finally feeling established in their craft. What woman wouldn’t want that?

Now these are people close to you, but I said I support women as a whole. So I personally support associates, friends, hell women I don’t even know if their content is good. You know why I never feel threatened or insecure when doing this? I always know it’s the best thing because I support QUALITY women. 

With that, I’m confident that the only person who can sabotage me is myself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with retweeting someone’s dope #BlackGirlMagic onto my feed, because you know what? I liked it. I liked another woman’s work and it’s OKAY. Admiring other’s content and letting them know it’s appreciated will not dull my shine or yours. Stars shine regardless of how many are in the sky, so if your shine does dull then maybe you need to evaluate if you’re really doing all YOU can to ensure you’re a super star. 

Other people are not the reason you’re not progressing, getting sponsorships, getting recognition, etc.. So once we stop blaming other women for our misfortune and stop hindering all of us as a whole from progressing, maybe then we as a gender will be able to do more important thinks like, I don’t know, closing the wage gap between men and women; equalizing male-dominated fields or maybe even curing cancer. The possibilities are truly endless when women support women.

So if you’re a woman who doesn’t support women, don’t worry I don’t hate you or hold it against you, I swear! But really reflect and see if you’ve done everything you can to be the best woman you can be. If you did and you’d rate yourself a 10, then go ahead and start supporting other women in your circle. You ALL will get what’s meant for you in terms of business and opportunities, so begin the growth together so we can all finish the race as one. If you support this post, tweet it, post it, gram it, whatever! Get the word out there that I am a woman who supports women and inspire others to do the same.

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