OURS by Blackjoy Unboxing + Review

Thanks so much to OURS by Blackjoy for this collaboration! I received product and/or compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own. 

Subscription boxes have become THE thing to sign up for to get products delivered to your doorstep. Whether it's hair products, makeup, clothing or even food, there's seriously a box out there for everything and for anyone. 

But, as a Black woman I wondered if there was a Black-owned subscription box that catered to my melanin and kinky curls? Is there a monthly option that's designed with myself and all of the bronze beauties of the world in mind? 

Ladies, AND GENTLEMEN, let me introduce you to OURS by Blackjoy

This. Subscription. Box. Is. Ours. And. I. Love. It. 

It is just that simple. I cannot think of a better way to spend my money or a better company to receive products from that OURS. As a Black woman, Black creative and Founder of Black Bloggers United, this subscription box makes TOO much sense for anyone looking to support businesses that identify with the African Diaspora. 

Now what exactly will you get when you sign up? You can expect to receive superb customer service, amazing products that are melanin friendly as well as a community of women who want to support one another. I spoke about women supporting women in a previous blog post and love that it is a mission of OURS by Blackjoy to really cultivate those relationships among women in the community. So not only are you getting product and service, but you're also getting community which is priceless. 

Now we finally get to the good stuff, what do you actually get inside? So OURS by Blackjoy provides travel size or regular size products for your hair, beauty, skin and health! They also include a special goodie in each box, which this month I received a cute pair of earrings. What I really love is that they include a health product as we so often focus on the hair, beauty and skin, but what about our actual health. I speak about the products in particular in my unboxing video, but I truly love that I received a vegan feminine wash in the box. Our health is important and OURS by Blackjoy takes the time to make sure it's important to you so they get major brownie points for that. 

You can get your box by visiting www.oursbyblackjoy.com where you can get it for yourself or even send it as a gift. In a time where many of us melanated women are channeling our dollars into Black-owned businesses I think this is a perfect subscription box to invest in. 

Not sold? Check out my recent unboxing video to see what's inside! I promise it won't disappoint. 

Thanks for reading! If you're joining the movement and buying a subscription box that's OURS, share it below in the comments. 

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