Yes, I Graduated From College + No, I Didn't Land My Dream Job

I had the honor of graduating from Florida International University this past August and let me tell you, it was a long time coming. If  you really break down how long we've been in school, (16 years to be exact), there's no better feeling then knowing you are finally done. As I walked across the stage I knew in my heart all those years had paid off and I could breathe for a second.

But of course that wasn't the case. Immediately after I was the first woman to receive a Bachelor's degree in my household I was swarmed by friends, family and colleagues about having a job lined up. 

"Where are you working now?"

"Have you been searching for jobs?"

"So you graduated, what's the next step?"

All these questions and my only answer is...I don't have an answer, yet. See there's this notion that as soon as you graduate you're supposed to have all the answers, have the dream job lined up and be at the top of the company within the next 10 years. In today's economy and job market that's just not practical. I've seen fellow college graduates striving to get entry level positions because that seems to be the only thing out there for us. So many of us choose this route of all this additional schooling only to fight to make just a dollar more than you were making in college. Then we take the job because we have to survive, right?

See, I saw the route that everyone's been taking and I swiftly went in the other direction. The reason I did this is because it's all a lie to me; so many of the graduates I've seen take these positions are the same ones I see starting up companies on the side because they eventually realize these second hand jobs are not enough. And when I say not enough, I don't mean in terms of money. I'm talking about the bigger picture, here. Mr. Smiley said it right in this article for Quartz when he said "millennials are not motivated by money. Rather, they are driven to make the world more compassionate, innovative, and sustainable." Innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors are where my head is at during this stage of my life, that's just what it is.  Everyday I make strides to ensure that what I'm creating will eventually by my career. 

So yes, I did in fact graduate from an accredited university and no, I did NOT land my dream job. You know why? Because unlike most jobs, my dream job has to be 100% built from the ground up by me. So as a post-graduation update I am taking everything day by day as I continue to push forward for my career as a full-time entrepreneur. I know I can do it and for all my entrepreneurs out there, you can do it too. 

Share this post with a fellow entrepreneur who needs some assurance that they're not crazy for not working the regular 9 to 5 post graduation. I believe in you all! 

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