I Cut Social Media Out Of My Life + I Have No Regrets

I posted a tweet last week sharing how I've stopped checking my social media first thing in the morning. It was a nasty habit I had so I unlearned the idea of constantly reaching for my phone to see if I missed anything while I was asleep. 
Additionally, I've also really unplugged from social media significantly since I began blogging and quite honestly I've seen much more GROWTH in my blog/social media following from doing so. 

"...so let me get this straight...you're a blogger/influencer....you've been shying AWAY from social media AND your stats are actually going up....?" Absolutely. 

For my bloggers and social media influencers in the building, this blog post may seem a tad unrealistic, but I'm here today to argue that if you're in that creative realm I actually URGE you to hop off of social media.
So today we're going to chat about how to cut social media out of your life and how to implement good social media habits into your life. I want us all to win, so let's get the goods.

For starters, stop checking social media first thing in the morning.

I quit this habit and it was the BEST thing that happened to me. We don't realize it, but it rules our day when the first thing we're doing is looking at what everyone else is doing. 
You scroll through and see so and so got married...that same girl keeps posting those same beach photos...and all of a sudden thirty minutes have gone by. 
In that thirty minutes you could've developed part of a blog post, sent out a newsletter or scheduled some social media promo for the day. Quite honestly if you're an entrepreneur in any sense of the word who has a day job or other responsibilities, that thirty minutes is extremely valuable. 
So how do you cut the habit? Here's how I cut out social media from my morning routine:
  1. I changed my notification settings. Realistically, if your phone is your alarm too, you'll be checking your phone before you even leave bed. So I changed my notification settings to not show me any social media updates on my lock screen. Doing this allowed me to wake up only worrying about what I really needed to focus on. 
  2. I created other things to do in it's place, like answering emails, finishing blog posts and completing Black Bloggers United tasks. Having something in it's place helps you take your mind off of wanting to check your social media.
  3. I started out small and then worked my way up. I didn't just stop looking at my phone immediately, it took time. I started out by it not being the very FIRST thing I do, to not looking at it for the first twenty minutes of my day, to so on and so forth. Work your way out of your habit, but don't expect it to be instant. 

After about two weeks I'd gotten into the habit of being up for an hour or two before I really hopped on my phone and started scrolling through my feeds. I typically wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning, so I get SO much done before I'm on social media around 7 or 8. 
So start weening yourself off of checking the gram as soon as you wake up and focus on what you have to get done to make your dreams come true!

After that, develop GOOD social media habits. 

The second best thing I did after ditching being attached to social media was only using it for a purpose. You won't catch me sifting through the explore page or going through what everyone is doing on a daily basis. 
If you're a small business owner of any kind, (yes I consider bloggers to be small business owners), social media is necessary in most cases to drive traffic/clients to your website, so I get needing to be active on social media. That's exactly why I developed good social media habits to keep me in check and still keep me afloat in the social world. Here's what I did...
  1. I scheduled some of my content with ViralTag. I switched from Hootsuite over to ViralTag and I have NO complaints to date. The main difference is you can add your content to a storage that continues to pull tweets/posts without you having to manually schedule it out. Talk about a time saver. It's easier to use AND keeps my content promoting while I'm not even on social media. So I'm more focused on crunching analytics on the back end, not even on Twitter and I'm still present. 
  2. I post what I need to post and then I leave. When it comes to "getting your likes up" and worrying about engagement, I realized the more time I actually spent on social media the more I was worrying about things that quite honestly are out of my control. So what do I do now? I post what I need to post and then log out. However many likes, comments, retweets or shares I get...it is what it is. Staying on my post and comparing myself to other people's work just killed my confidence, so I stopped sticking around to see what happened and it boosted my confidence in my work tremendously. 
  3. I don't beat myself up if I don't post on EVERY platform EVERY day. Realistically speaking, if you post QUALITY stuff daily you should grow on that respective social media channel. But, let's be honest...if you can't post quality every single day, will the world end? I let go of the fear of not posting daily because I'm not perfect. I post quality over quantity and thus far with my sporadic posting schedule, my stats are saying I'm doing just fine. Quite honestly I've found out how to post less, but still reap the benefits of posting more. 
Those are the good habits I've developed over time that allow me to escape from the strong hold of social media. I've let go of having to "be present all the time" and be picture perfect because we all know I'm too candid or all of that.

So now I urge you all to get off social media, focus on your craft and find good social media habits that work for you! Maybe implementing some of my tips above will help you out, but ultimately figuring out what works best for you is key.

What I will say is letting go of social media for a few seconds does feel liberating and promotes you looking deeper into yourself for your entrepreneurial goals. So do it. Even if it's only for five moments. 

How are you limiting your social media usage and what are your tips to still staying active? Share them with me below as I'd love to hear about it all! 

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