Gulfstream Park's Home Design Fair

Can I just share that Mother's Day weekend was a total SUCCESS and part of that was thanks to Gulfstream Park's Home & Design Fair. I had planned to do a little something special for my mother for the weekend, but I felt that being able to take her to this event was the perfect plan for Mother's Day weekend.

For those who aren't familiar with the area, Gulfstream Park is a shopping area in Hallandale, Florida that has shops, restaurants, bars and even a full casino. It's basically a one stop shop for everything you would need to have a fabulous day filled with fun.

It's actually one of my favorite spots to visit to satisfy my inner foodie tendencies. I love visiting Rok Brgr, Yardhouse and Martini Bar just to name a few, so I was so happy to work with Gulfstream on their Home & Design Fair. Since I typically visit for the restaurants, it was nice to see a different side of the spectrum by being taken to eight establishments centered around home and design. 
The day started off with mimosas at West Elm as we watched a full workshop by Anna Noriega of Alore Event Firm. She was the perfect selection to start out our day as she shared how to create those succulent terrarium's that have been flourishing all over social media!

They look like masterpieces, (because they absolutely are), but she showed us how we can create our own jaw dropping terrariums right at home. I'm no gardener planter, but Anna definitely made me think twice about buying some of the plants and making my own. 
Next on our stop was Pottery Barn where we had a style challenge courtesy of Annie Goldman. Before I even get to her presentation, all I have to say is Le Macaron had towers of their delicious, colorful macarons waiting for us upon entry. I wasn't a huge fan of macarons in the past, but their passion fruit dark chocolate one was EVERYTHING. 

Going back to the presentation, Annie shared how to style your home without over styling it. So from your shelves to your living room table, she provided examples on how to make less do way more for your home design. My favorite tip from this stop? Make sure you light those candles you buy just to look pretty so they actually look authentic...#guilty. 
Moving right along, we went to The Container Store which is every beauty vlogger/blogger's unspoken playground. The Container Store's products are all over so many YouTube videos on the internet, so I was excited to visit this spot as it was my first time EVER going in. 

Here we had the opportunity to hear from Chrisina Maroni and Jamie Lynn Avila-Alba about organizing your life. From color coordinating to little hacks such as having a rectangular hamper instead of a round one to preserve space, these ladies knew their stuff. I definitely had the urge to buy containers for every inch of my room after hearing their presentation. 
Did someone say food? Although we'd had bites and drinks at every stop thus far, it was definitely time for a pit stop at Adena Farm! We made a pit stop at their food truck, (because food trucks are the bee's knees), that had lunch waiting for us.

I'm a HUGE burger fan so to see their farm-to-fork sliders were the main attraction on the menu warmed my soul. Their french fries were also a win for me because in my opinion they put the PERFECT amount of salt and pepper on them. They're a regular spot located in Gulfstream Park, so I'll definitely be giving them a visit more often.

We made a quick swing over to Bang & Olufsen where we let the music do the talking. David Miranda and Diana Uribe of Dida Home shared insight on their favorite playlists to help with entertaining guests. Quite honestly it would be easy to get into party mode with ANY of the beautifully designed speaker options showcased at Bang & Olufsen, because their pieces were absolutely one of a kind. 
Crossing right over to Crate&Barrel, we had the opportunity to meet the most HILARIOUS speaker of the day which was none other than Miss Krista Watterworth. She definitely knows how to keep your attention and the mood playful. 

Here we sipped cocktails crafted by THE BEST bartender at Brio Tuscan Grille and watched as he demonstrated how to make our own. Krista then showed us how to put together a truly irresistible in home bar that makes any guest feel at home. From the decor to functionality and even the lighting, Krista gave us all the tea on making our own sophisticated lounge area in the comfort of our own house. 

Next stop? Z Gallerie, which is just about everyone's dream place to go for in home inspiration. Alena Caprashared her expertise on creating artistic napkin designs for your dining room table that are perfect and chic for entertaining guests. Such a beautiful space and presentation, quite honestly I was in awe at all the sparkling and dazzling items in the store the entire time I was at this stop. 

The last demo of the day took place at William Sonoma where we had the amazing Juli Cantarella chef it up right before our eyes. She created a batter that is dual purpose for making cupcakes AND about ingenious. This sweet treat was easy to make and definitely tasted as good as it sounds. 

But the day didn't end there...our final stop was an after party at Sirona Fine Art, which was filled with inspiring art work throughout the entire gallery. We sipped wine, embraced the art and ended the day on a perfect note. 

Wasn't that amazing? Gulfstream Park's first ever Home & Design Fair was a total success in my eyes. There was never a dull moment and I truly felt like I left with a takeaway from each stop on our journey. I was already a fan of Gulfstream Park, but I just found more reasons to visit them again soon, (especially with their new karaoke bar, PlugIN). 

What do you think? Wish you were there? Well you can get a glimpse of the action by watching my video below! Let me know what you think. 

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