PlugIN Karaoke Grand Opening

It's no secret that this girl is not the biggest fan of leaving the house; whether it's Netflixing, strolling through Pinterest (which has become my most recent obsession) or updating old content, being a homebody is what I do best. 

But you know what will get me out of the house? Good vibes with friends, food and drinks...pretty simple, right? That's exactly what I found at PlugIN Karaoke.

While Miami is raved to be the hotspot for night life which isn't up my alley, this karaoke bar will definitely be giving night life a much needed run for it's money. The primary reason for that is it provides people exclusivity and fun while still keeping a night-life-ish feel.
For starters, the only common space in the venue is the main lobby accessed upon entry. After that, you and your party are completely secluded from the rest of the customers or parties in the venue. Your sound proof room ensures you and your guests are the only thing that matters.

To me, this is HUGE. I'm an outgoing introvert (shocking, I know) so while I love the idea of being social, I loved being able to get away in a space where I'm only with a few people. The rooms are spacious ranging from accommodating 16 people to 150 people, which means everyone has their own space and breathing room. 

Aside from the exclusivity, there's also the quality service. You NEVER have to leave your room to order food, get a cocktail or request help. Each room comes with a phone that at the press of the button sends someone in to satisfy your needs.
Incredible music themed decor throughout
Incredible music themed decor throughout
The company even went a step further to make the karaoke user friendly by having the entire system on in room iPads. Click through to view thousands of song options, start your session and even share it directly to your Facebook. 
So you're telling this...we can have our own private space...order food and beverage with the click of a button...AND have a blast singing karaoke? 

That's correct and that's exactly what we did. Like I said, I don't leave the house often BUT I am so happy I was able to experience all that PlugIN Karaoke has to offer. 

Do you do karaoke in your city? Hopefully if you do, it's better than my singing! Check out a video recording of myself and Shea What's Real that we took at the media night.

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