Speaking at the Black Public Relations Society's #PowerPR Conference

Last month I had the honor of being able to not only attend, but speak at the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society's FIRST ever conference. To say I was honored to be a part of this engagement and interact with so many distinguished PR Professionals would be a complete understatement. 

For those who may not know about the Black Public Relations Society, they are a national organization for public relations professionals, media strategists, communications professionals and more. The organization branches out even further by having affiliate chapters throughout the country to connect these members on a local level. 
The Philadelphia chapter hosted their first conference, #PowerPR: Strength in Excellence, the Power of Us in June and there were TONS of gems of information dropped. While I'm not a PR professional, the conference provided applicable information that was easy to follow for people who were new to the industry.

Now I'm sure you're thinking, what on earth were you doing there if you aren't a PR Professional? Well I had the honor of speaking on the Social Media session alongside LiRon Anderson Bell who is an award winning Strategic Communications and Digital Media Executive. We had the opportunity to discuss branding yourself on social media, navigating the world of social media, crisis management and more! 
So what was the overall takeaway from this event? I learned so much about the public relations world and was able to connect with so many amazing professionals in the Philadelphia area.

Aside from that, there was also tons of talk on collaboration on other panels which I'm finding to be crucial to almost any industry. Connections, networking and collaboration are components of each and ever successful person in a respective industry, so get out there and connect with others! 

Overall I was truly honored to be a part of this engagement and thank Monica Peters, President of the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society, for coordinating all aspects of the #PowerPR Conference! Philly, you were awesome and after meeting all these incredible Black professionals, I can't wait to make a trip back. 

What conferences and professional events are on your agenda for the rest of the year? Share them below as I'm always up for a quality event! 

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