24 Things To Know About Your Favorite 24 Year Old

This year my birthday came around and I went to Bermuda; I honestly couldn't have hopped on that flight any quicker! I was beyond excited to just get away and embrace taking a much needed break from everything online.

That said, I left my blogging boos out of my birthday this year! While I don't think of it as a "tradition" just yet, I shared a post last year on my birthday where I shared 23 Years Old + 23 Lessons Learned, which is still the bee's knees if you ask me.

The way this year was set up...my birthday came SO quickly I didn't have anything prepared. So here we are...some 15 days after the fact with a post that shares a little bit about myself.

While I hate the concept of "about me" posts, I thought...have I ever truly and honestly introduced who I am? I drop hints here and there, maybe even share a favorite product of mine, but never truly let you know who the hell the person behind She's Candid is! 

So we're just going to go right ahead and clear that up with this post. Here's 2 things to know about your FAVORITE 24 year old. (you see what I did there?)

1. I Look Extra, But I'm Very SIMPLE - It may be hard to believe, but behind the big fro, over-the-top heels, etc. I'm actually very simple. The smallest things, gifts and gestures make me the happiest. To give you an example, all I wanted to do for my birthday was have my little picnic on the beach. No bells, no whistles, just simple.
2. I'm An Outgoing Introvert - This is probably why I THRIVE online, to be honest. I love the idea of going out, getting dolled up, being around people and being at every Instagram worthy event under the moon...however in my heart I'd truly rather be at home with a glass of wine in hand. Leading right into my next thing to know...
3. I'm A Serial Plan Canceler - Yup, you heard correctly. I wish I could say I'm sorry...but I'm honestly not. People who care about me have learned by now to just not invite me out because there's a 10% I'll show up and a 90% chance I "can't make it". 
4. My Favorite Color Is Orange - No explanation needed...but I bet you didn't see this one coming.
5. I Live In Florida, But Claim To Be a Northerner - Truth be told I was born in Connecticut and moved to Florida when I was only two years old. BUT I claim I'm from up north only because I don't believe I embody a true "Floridian". In my head and heart I believe I'm truly a New Yorker. 
6. My Biggest Insecurity Growing Up Was My Feet - Odd, I know, but for my size my feet are pretty large. For the longest I'd buy smaller shoes just so my feet would appear smaller than they truly are. I grew up, got over it and realized the bigger sizes tend to have the best shoe options because they don't sell out so quickly *snaps fingers*

7. The Beach Is My Favorite Place To Be - While I don't claim being a Floridian, you can ALWAYS catch me near the beach. I love the water, I love bikinis and I love the feeling of being free that the beach gives me.
8. When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be... - A fashion designer of course! I took sewing classes and all as I one day wanted to create my own line. It's still a dream of mine to create a line before I leave this earth, so we'll see what I can make happen. 
9. I'll Choose Style Over Designer Any Day - There isn't a brand that I MUST have or is my go to brand. When it comes to clothing I always shop for what's cheapest and what looks the best.
10. I Love Me Some French Fries - Do I really need to say anything else? 
11. I Almost NEVER Have My Nails Done - #BlackTwitter will be unforgiving on this one, but having my nails done has never been a thing for me. I'll paint them every now and then, but find me on a random day and I promise they won't be painted. 
12. My Wig Phase Came...And Went - I used to wear a wig almost once a week and now I'm slowly letting go of my love for wigs. I realized I was somewhat using them as a crutch and wasn't truly embracing my kinky, curly hair underneath. Leading to my next point...
13. I've Been Natural For Three Years - Man it's been a journey! I transitioned for a year prior to, chopped it off and never looked back. If you're transitioning right now or adapting to your natural hair right now, stay strong. Your hair will flourish soon, love. 

14. I Spoke At 4 Professional Events This Past Year - Breaking into speaking engagements was one of my goals for 2017 and I surpassed my expectations! I'm going even bigger in 2018 so if you're looking for a speaker for your conference, I'm shamelessly plugging my page right here.
15. My Blog Was A Hot Mess When It Started - For some reason, people think I magically began blogging and did everything right thus far. No, boo...back in the day my site was a hot mess. I share this point to say this...growth is good, embrace it! 
16. My Biggest Takeaway From College Was... - Learning how to navigate relationships. Seriously...I learned how to hold on to the ones I need/want, how to communicate in the complex ones and when it was time to #CutIt with the negative ones. Go to college, you'll learn a lot about the world...and the people in it.
17. I'm Somewhat Of A Minimalist - I've downsized TREMENDOUSLY over the past year; while I still have a decent amount of clothes in my closet but wear the same five outfits on repeat on a regular basis. I've donated my clothes, sold some to Plato's Closet and just stopped buying as much as I used to. I primarily spend on shoes and bikinis now because you can never have too many of either. 
18. I Currently Work At A Marketing Firm - I love social media so much I went and got a job in it. #GoFigure I handle client's social media in the day time, making me a super expert when it comes to handling my own after the 9-5. 

19. I Have Minimal "Tools" For Photography - People always think you need SO much to take beautiful photos for the blog. I say work with what you've got or invest small to behin with. I currently own a small video camera ($189), a point and shoot camera ($189), and borrow my work camera ($418) from time to time. Other than that, it's iPhone all the way baby. 
20. Biggest Pet Peeve EVER - The sound of people chewing. It. Drives. Me. Insane. 
21. I Don't Like Working Out - Sweating is gross to me....I'm just keeping it real! One of my goals is to be more active in 2018 because as of now, the most "working out" I do is walks to the kitchen. 
22. If I Could Volunteer At One Place For The Rest Of My Life... - It would be at a place with young girls/women who've had troubled pasts. I think it's important to connect with young women to help them, support them and let them know a woman of color cares about what happens to them in the future. 
23. I've Been In A Long Distance Relationship For A While - We met in college. He accepts my crazy. It was a wrap after that. Meet Him
24. I Can't Think Of Anything Else To Add - So I'm ending this post right here.

That's it! I loved sharing nuggets of information about me that aren't the typical facts you expect in similar posts. I could share the generic "About Me" facts, but don't think it will be all that interesting. If you DO want to see it, let me know in the comments below.

Plan to recreate this post on your special day? Make sure to tweet me the final post so I can check it out and share it. Seriously...I'll even link it here if you do so! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I can't wait to continue making content with you for another fabulous year. 

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