#FreshStartWithSally New Year Glow


I'm starting my new year a little late...28 days late to be exact...but your girl has finally had her coming to Jesus moment! 

I ended off 2018 a little rocky to say the least. Everything felt like it was falling out of place and I had no idea how I was going to get to where I wanted to be in the new year.

With that, I went on an oh so needed hiatus from social media, blogging and even friends in order to visualize how I was going to get my 2018 all the way in formation. 

I set my goals, executed most of them and now we're here. 

I'm starting off my year with one hell of a glow because I quite honestly love the woman I'm becoming. I wrote a while back about how I've been selfish lately and to date, all this focus on myself and MY goals has your girl glowing.

My inner glow has been on point, so you know when this Sally Beauty box came in the mail it was 100% ON TIME to match my outer glow. I used several of the products provided to share my simple, GLOWING look that's pretty much my go-to glam. 

Catch one of my first Youtube videos of 2018 featuring my new glow, my new glow up camera, and Sally Beauty products below.

Are you glowing up this year? Share your glow up since the new year has started below! 

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