Beauty Review: Clarisonic Mia 1

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We've all heard of Clarisonic, but I'm sure you're wondering is it worth all the hype? I had the same thoughts when it came to testing out this product to treat my acne and after utilizing it for over two weeks, I've come to a final verdict.

You see, I have combination skin that's acne prone. During a one month time span I can go from having a few days of flawless skin to random, intense breakouts featuring pimples ranging from white heads to nodules that are insanely painful.

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In testing out the Clarisonic Mia 1 device I was looking for something that made my acne MANAGEABLE and somewhat controlled it. Acne is ongoing depending on your eating habits, daily activity, and so many other factors, so I truly wanted to find a product that helped maintain decent skin on a regular basis.

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The Mia 1 100% met my expectations and in some ways, surpassed them.

What's unique about the Clarisonic Mia 1 device is the technology behind the brush. Seriously, it's all about the brush. "The bristles of a Clarisonic cleansing brush head move back and forth, or "oscillate", gently flexing the skin and flushing water and cleanser into pores."  So since the product DOES NOT exfoliate, it's safe and sensitive enough on the skin to be used twice per day. 

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Another thing I appreciated was the Pore & Blemish Gel Cleanser. At first I thought...this isn't going to work only because we're so accustomed to exfoliating facial products that "scrub away" bacteria. I had high doubts about the gel working on my deep rooted acne, but was pleasantly surprised by how soft, yet effective the product worked!

Overall, from packaging to results, the Mia 1 gets a positive rating from me. It's effective in treating even the worst acne while still handling the skin in a gentle manner. I used the product for days and couldn't believe the results!

Want to see for yourself? Watch my latest video to get up close and personal with using the Mia 1 for several days.

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