5 Tips For Shopping The Sales Rack

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When it comes to shopping, the only way I'm purchasing an item is if it's on sale in some fashion; whether it's on a sales rack marked down OR I have a coupon code to redeem, I'm all about saving money when shopping.

I'll admit it, browsing through the sales rack can be a little intimidating at first depending on what store you're in. They can go from clean and concise to cluttered and disorganized REAL QUICK depending on how the store chooses to coordinate their racks.

With that, I'm sharing my top tips for shopping the sales rack with ease, so on your next shopping trip you can also save some coins. #ChaChing

Tip #1: Identify The Sale - A common mistake I find so many people make is based on confusion of what's on sale and what's not...what's marked down by 10% and what's actually 50% off. Make sure that if you're shopping multiple racks you're paying attention to what the actual sale for that piece of clothing is. Nothing's worse than thinking something is on sale for $10, when in reality it's actually $25. (Yes, it does happen)

Tip #2: Touch EVERYTHING - One thing I've noticed about sales items is they tend to FEEL cheap, and call me bougie....but I am just not about that life. I want to spend the least amount of money possible, however I want to look like I spent THE MOST money possible. Bougie on a budget is my motto, so I touch everything on the rack and fabrics that feel thick, luxurious, soft, etc. tend to be the one's I'll take a closer look at. 

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Tip #3: Go In With An Open Mind - Probably the biggest mistake I see people make is expecting the sales rack to have exactly what they want/envision...it doesn't always work like that, boo. I've purchased things that were three sizes too large, not in season, completely not what I thought I'd walk in to buy, and I made it work. Shopping sales racks with an open mind allows your fashion sense and creative juices to be inspired by random items and have more fun with your wardrobe. 

Tip #4: Learn Your Favorite Store's Sales System - Love a particular store? Learn their sales schedule and coordinate when you'll shop the sale. Knowing an item that comes out in early March will be on the sales rack by April 1st at 30% off and marked down to 60% off by April 10th is a fabulous way to save more on your next shopping trip. Also pay attention to when stores actually update/add inventory to their sales rack, (typically once per week). 

Tip #5: Shop The Sales Online - Can't find anything in the store? Head to their online store for an even bigger variety to choose from as most stores are nationwide, so shopping your local store may not give you all the options you're looking for. You can also sign up for newsletters (most of the time) to get exclusive discounts to further bring that price down low.

What are your favorite sales rack tips? Share them in the comments below and help a fellow fashionista out! 

Also, be sure to check out my affordable haul videos on my channel with more coming soon. 


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  2. Yes for all these tips! My motto has always been boujee on a budget! Extra tip: When you're feeling the items for fabric quality, check them for damage as well. Some items are discounted because they have holes or stains.

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