I Separated My Blog From My Business...And You Might Want To Do It, Too!

Blogging is a crazy thing if you ask me...you're essentially putting yourself out there for the whole wide world to see and opening yourself up for anything anyone chooses to throw your way. 

While my blog journey hasn't always been the easiest, (or most consistent), I've always stayed true to the point that blogging as helped me in more ways than I can put into this lovely post. In a sense...I honestly thing blogging helped me find myself and realize who I really want to be when I "grow up".

That person is a bomb girlboss who isn't afraid to do it all. She's that one chick who's a fashion icon on Sunday as well as a highly acclaimed conference speaker on Wednesday. #YesIWantItAll

When the light bulb finally went off letting me know this was my calling...this is who I am meant to be, I went right to work. Expanding my content centered around helping bloggers, creating visually appealing, fashion-based content for the gram and going live regularly to prove I was able to speak in front of an audience.

I wanted it all...blog and business all in one...side by side...Bonnie and Clyde.

Well over the past few months I had some time to truly analyze the structure of this blog and business empire I was building. I spent a lot of time reflecting deeply on my goals for each aspect of my brand...what I wanted as the end goal and how I planned to get there.

While I started out as super woman doing it all, I realized I reached a point where it was BEST for each aspect of my brand to make some changes. In order to TRULY grow all components of She's Candid, I knew it was time to separate my blog from my business.

See the fashion icon on the weekend is a show stopper, but I found sometimes she had no business being at the forefront of my website when looking to be booked for professional speaking engagements.

The same can be said about wanting to expand into hosting workshops...it was slightly difficult to sell a workshop ticket to someone who subscribed because they loved my fashion look book. 

So what did I do? I relaunched my lifestyle blog WITHOUT any blog help posts that were previously on the site and merged them in to my blog content on my business site, The Candid Shop

With splitting my blog and my business, I can candidly share content without worrying about tapping in to the wrong audience for the wrong thing and further expand with the two different audiences that are subscribed. Some will overlap, but some will distinctively select to be on one side or the other (which is totally A-OK).

Now I know what you're thinking, "I started a business within my blog and I'm not changing". I was right there with you up until I got to the point where in order to SCALE my business the way I wanted to I HAD to separate them. 

For people just starting out, it is 100% okay to start your business within the blog. That's what I did. That's what we all did in the beginning. 

But once you start flourishing, it may be time to reconsider separating them if you see they no longer completely align with end goals. I wanted to be an influential fashionista as one end goal and a small blog/business guru with the other...they COULD have worked, but it was more practical to MAKE them work with my recent switch.

So what's next for my brand? I'm focusing on expansion while still connecting my blog with business. At the end of the day whether it's business me or fun me, I'm always the candid chick who says it like it is and in both avenues, I'm not going anywhere. 

She's Candid is back. The Candid Shop is launch. 2018 is MINE. 

Are you a blogger turned small business owner? What are your thoughts on expansion and keeping the blog from the business and the business from the blog? Share your thoughts with me below! 


  1. You know I've been going back and forth about this in my mind for awhile, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Right now I don't think I'm at the phase that I need to split but I am definitely considering turning my blog into a business (LLC) and really gearing up my content and posting more regularly. I'm confident this will push me to make traction in my blog which in turn will allow me to trump up business. You're the real MVP Victoria and I love your business and lifestyle content! Congrats on the split, I know you're bout to do more great things! -A. Hiroko

    1. Thank you so much, love! I'm definitely excited to see how everything works out and grateful to have support from queens such as yourself who understand the transition. I'd love to hear more about your experience with turning your blog into a business LLC! Can't wait to see you continue to flourish.

  2. I went through this same thing about two years ago. My vintage store would be about why we should buy secondhand and recycle as much as possible but my personal blog has some retail shopping hauls from time to time. I'm glad I made the decision to make them separate entities from the beginning because the audiences are totally different.

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