2018 Must Have Spring Heels

Spring has ARRIVED, meaning it's time to bring out the maxi dresses, cheeky bikinis and pineapple fabrics. As a Florida girl, I can honestly say I LOVE this season because it's time for Spring cleaning in the closet to make way for your new, fabulous shoes.

Shopping for the season is fun and flirty, so the same goes for your must have Spring shoes! It's the perfect time to add a little pep to your step, LITERALLY, which is why I've created this list of three MUST HAVE heels you need in your closet this season. 

Not sure what to buy? Here's the essentials you need to be spring time FINE.

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Must Have #1: Pop Of Color Heels

Having that extra pop of color is A MUST during the spring/summer time. Whether it's a pop of cobalt blue or a dash of canary yellow, having a pair of boldly colored shoes is essential for spring. Why? They add an extra pop to any outfit in your closet. So in the event that you're recycling an old dress, strap on your new, vibrant heels and you're ready for any Spring Break affair. 

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Must Have #2: Bold, Holographic Heel

Spring time also happens to be festival season, so holographic is all the rave. Heels with a holographic finish are the perfect, bold accessory to wear to any party you're attending. I recommend these holographic, snake skin heels because they're comfortable and irresistibly attention-grabbing. 

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Must Have #3: Flirty, Nude Heels

As much as nudes can be a snooze fest, they are absolutely essential for Spring time. This season is all about your brights, your pastels and florals, so having a cute pair of heels to balance all that out is crucial. My picks are these satin, nude heels with an extra bit of sparkly, because who doesn't love rhinestones?

Which pair are your favorite? Share yours with me in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out my affordable shoes haul featuring these heels. 

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  1. The holographic pair are so fun and unique. I like them better than the clear shoe trend.