Care For Crohn's Fashion + Art Mixer

This past week I had the opportunity…no I’m sorry, the PLEASURE of being able to attend the CARE for Crohn’s Foundation’s 2nd Annual Fashion and Art Mixer in Miami, FL. The concept of being able to bring out the beauty and ART that was exuded from Sybille Guichard as a Crohn’s survivor is truly beautiful.

I’m sure many of us know all too well that Crohn’s disease is something that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. Living with a disease that doctors have yet to find a cure for is an every day challenge in itself. Being able to stay strong through such a struggle is truly inspiring and that’s exactly what Sybille Guichard did.

Although we were all there on a very serious matter, the Foundation did an excellent job at transforming the Touche Rooftop Lounge into feeling like an inspiring art gala with paintings and artwork all around the room.

The overall idea of taking one’s struggle and being able to transform it into something good and beautiful is amazing. I believe that Sybille really did a great job of this and also increased awareness in South Florida of Crohn’s disease. You can find out more information here.