The Budget Divaa Blogiversary Tea Party

For those of you who didn't know, once upon a time before She's Candid existed, there was a blog called The Budget Divaa that was designed to showcase living fashionably on a budget. That little blog did some pretty dope things back in the day from national campaigns to throwing a super sweet Tea Party to celebrate the second Blogiversary.

If you didn't know a Blogiversary is an annual celebration of your blog, because let's be honest, it ain't easy.

So this event took place at the Tea Room Miami where all the attendees came, engaged in activities, sipped tea and just enjoyed a cute afternoon. The festivities also came with sweet treats sponsored by L Sweets alongside giveaways from Gems by Gary, Bella Kurls and Essence Cosmetics

I just want to say this was so adorable and deep down I was SHOCKED with the turn out. All these people came out to celebrate my blog with little ol' me? I felt touched. 

But now that I've transitioned to She's Candid, my blogiversary has shifted to being in early October. Will I be celebrating a blogiversary? Absolutely! And I do plan to top what I've done in the past.

So I'm curious to hear what you've done for your blogiversary! Share it with my in the comments.