Here's The Truth On How I Create & Produce All Of My Content

I was talking to my girl Jaleesa the other day and she asked me about my content; more specifically, how do I come up with my blog topics. Let me tell you, there's definitely a method to my madness here on She's Candid.

One of the reasons I rebranded was because I wanted to be authentic, real and an actual "influencer" instead of someone who just produces fluffy OOTD posts every once in a while (which was me the majority of 2016, let's be honest).

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The One and Only Reason You're Not Getting Sponsored Campaigns

To keep it one hundred, I've been irritated...truly irritated deep in my soul by the inquiries and emails I've been getting from some people recently. 

You see, I like to think of my blog as a resource for smaller bloggers who are really trying to do the damn thing and make moves in the blogosphere. So when people who just started come up to me solely looking for how I do sponsored content, get free products, etc., I'm slightly taken aback. 

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The Ugly Truth About Friends & Family Not Supporting Your Blog

When I think of everything last year had to offer, I realize there was so much mobility in everything that I did. From traveling to Washington, D.C. to accept blogging awards to going jetskiing in Bermuda, there was so much that happened in one year and the majority of it stemmed from blogging. Whether or not it was evident, blogging and bloggers were key factors in everything I did last year....literally. 

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How To Successfully Sell Products/Services On Your Blog

By now I'm sure you all know that my services page has fully launched and is packed with quality services for all my blogging boos. Whether you're a fashion blogger, business blogger or a brand new blogger, I've crafted my services to be able to help YOU. With the first month of being up and running, I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with the amount of sales and love I've received. 

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