Let's Talk About Blogger Etiquette + 10 Blogging Commandments

Before I even get into all of the ins and outs of blogger etiquette, understand my blog is called 'She's Candid' for a reason. I'm not here to beat around the bush or sugar coat the truth. You clicked on this post because something about it enticed you, so now I will TRUTHFULLY be sharing what I believe is appropriate blogger etiquette. 

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There's several reasons why I decided to make this post and one of them is simply because blogger's are still people and people can still do some pretty dirty things. Yes, I said it. Blogger's are capable of doing bad just like anyone else. So, my hopes are that people who don't follow blogger etiquette will see how absurd they are and people who had no idea there was blogger etiquette will be able to seamlessly continue to blog in this oh so small blogosphere. That's my hope, so let's see how this goes.

Now what exactly is this blogger etiquette I speak of? Well to me it's the unspoken constitution in the blogging world; the set of rules that we may not verbally say but we all agree to abide by in this tight-knit world. I'd say the second you sign on to being a blogger and join alliances with other bloggers in your niche, you've signed the oath to abide by such stipulations. Am I being dramatic? Maybe a little, but I truly believe everyone who knows of blogger etiquette tries to abide by the rules.

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So let's get to the nitty gritty, the bulk of this post and the reason you all are here. For proper etiquette I believe you should follow these "Blogger Commandments". If you choose not to just know that although we may not say it blatantly in the blogger community, we may feel some type of way towards you. Don't want that? Well here's my advice for you:

  • Thou Shall NOT Mooch - I know we all want to make it in the blogging world, but finding your OWN connects, companies to work with, networks, opportunities, etc. is vital. No one wants a blogger "friend" who just wants to mooch off of their connections. Sharing is caring indeed but there's a line between that and mooching, which brings me to my next point... 
  • Thou Shall Give More Than They Receive - The BEST way to not be a moocher is to always give to your blogger friends as opposed to only hitting them up when you want a connect (yes, I said it). Hit your friends up with opportunities, events, connections, etc., so that way when you want something no one will look at you crazy. 
  • Thou Shall NOT Be A Link Dropper - Look, we all want our content to be read. Trust and believe I get it. But, dropping your link every time you have a new #OOTD post or Recipe post in our blogger networks is not the move. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of self promo, but these networks are not just designed for you to shine. They're creative spaces to SHARE ideas and GROW together, so please stop dropping your links. 
  • Thou Shall NOT '@' Other Bloggers For Promo - This one is self explanatory. Stop it. Even when you're like "oh hey girl, check out my latest post," we see through the tom foolery. So, save us all and just stop it. 
  • Thou Shall Be Active In The Blogger Community - As the Founder of a blogger network it kills me to see people not utilizing the network to their advantage of a platform that was built to elevate them. Just like you wouldn't join a club or sorority on campus to sit and do nothing, don't join a blogging network if you don't plan to be active. Networks work when YOU DO. 
  • Thou Shall NOT Steal Other Creatives Content - Whether it's "just an image" or an entire blog post, you and I both know it's wrong to take another's idea for your own. There's nothing wrong with being inspired by someone's work, but just know nobody likes a copycat. 
  • Thou Shall Support Fellow Bloggers - Whether it's a simple retweet, like or comment, IT MATTERS. Show your support to other bloggers because you never know who you may want to collaborate with in the future and let me tell you it matters. I'm much more accepting of working with bloggers who actually support me rather than one's who may have just found me on Instagram and slid into the DM's. Supporting each other gets us all to the top so support and you shall be supported! 

So there you have it. Blogger etiquette is not difficult to follow if you're in it for the right reasons. Supporting someone else's blog and growing alongside them is completely doable if you just follow along. Like I said, blogger etiquette is unspoken in the blog community, but if this is the first time you're hearing of some of these be sure to share to save another blogger's life. hat's it! 

Did I miss any Blogger Commandments? If so, drop them below in the comments so I can add them to this post!