A Small Blogger's Guide To Pitching Brands

I've been in the blogging game for over two years now and I must say, pitching has become a way of life. In my years I've learned you can pitch just about anything from product to travel and everything in between, but there is definitely an art to it all. I won't say I've "mastered" the art of pitching, but as a smaller blogger I've definitely been able to land a few successful partnerships from pitching and want to share my nuggets of knowledge with you.

So if you're a blogger with under 10,000 combined social media followers and under 5,000 monthly unique views, this one's for you. 

Yes, my impact of social media followers and monthly views is under 15,000 yet I've still had some successes. From complimentary meals to receiving product plus compensation, I can say I am truly thankful for the opportunities I worked to get. Key word ladies and gents is WORKED. Pitching isn't a simple one, two, three and boom, you've got product for days and a bank account that's on fleek. There's a process to it and if done correctly I'm sure you'll be PLEASED with the responses you get.

First of all, you need to understand what a pitch is. This is not an "I want free product" spree, so please exit this blog post if you just want the free stuff. When you pitch you're supposed to showcase what you have, why it's valuable and how you can use that value to enhance the company investing in you. It's really just as simple as that. Three parts that you must execute perfectly to convey to a company why they should even bother to respond to your request. If you're not showing them any benefits, you're not worth their time. It's just that simple. 

Now that you understand what a pitch is supposed to be, LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR. Normally pitching is for selling a product or a portion of your company, but when you're pitching to work with a company you have to sell yourself. I know what you're thinking, "but Tori, I only have 100 followers on Instagram". I understand and I've been there. But you HAVE to be confident before going out there and pitching for your life. After all, if you're not your biggest fan why would you expect a company to believe in you? So find a balance in your confidence before you start pitching. I'd say stay humble, but still believe that you're one of the hottest things walking. 

Okay rockstar, SHOW THEM THE VALUE. Even the smallest blogger can still work with companies if they can showcase just how valuable they are to the company. Going back to that person with 100 followers, if 100% of your followers want to do everything you do that is SO valuable. No matter your size, show them what you can do with your numbers because THAT is really what's valuable. Anyone with a million followers can receive a product, post about it and get hundreds of thousands of likes. But, if you can take a fraction of your following and convert them into true followers/customers of the company, that my friend is genuinely valuable if not priceless.

Now that you've shown them why, DON'T FORGET TO SHOW THEM HOW. It's one thing to say you're valuable, but if you don't explicitly show them how you will use your value to their benefit you're wasting your time and theirs. Go to them with stories, blog post titles, exactly how you'd bring your value to their company. If a company has to take time to figure out what exactly you need to do or how to incorporate their product into your blog they won't be bothered. You should take the time to present a full idea to them. Don't half ass them or you can expect a half assed no.

So what are you waiting for? Get to pitching those companies! There are bloggers out there who have product for days and get paid thousands of dollars as bloggers. Bloggers ALL start somewhere, so let's get to work.

If you need more help, don't worry I've got you covered. I have custom pitch letters that will help you! Be sure to check out my services page for more information on getting your pitching game all the way together.