13 Ways To Work With Companies Besides Doing Sponsored Blog Posts

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In my previous post on Pitching Brands as a Smaller Blogger, (primarily talking to bloggers with under 5,000 monthly views), I got into how to pitch and even offered a free email course on how to craft the perfect pitch letter. Pitch for your lives ladies and gents, because as I said the worst they can say is NO. 

All pitching aside, I realized afterwards that although I gave people the tools to pitch companies, I didn't go that extra mile to explain how you can work with companies. We all know there's sponsored blog posts where you get the product and either showcase it or review it #ontheblog for your audience. That's all fine and dandy, but understanding the different ways you can work with a company will broaden your horizons. It will also broaden the different ways you can get paid, because that's one of the ultimate goals for most of us. 

So I've crafted a list of ways in which you can work with a company. Like I said in my pitching course it's all about how you sell it, so if you take the time to paint a beautiful picture of how these will work in favor of the company, they'll more than likely be on board. Now, let's get into it.

  1. Social media ads - Yes, you can actually get paid to tweet about a business (be sure to use #ad, #sponsored, #partnered or any other indication you were paid for your tweets). Even if you're a small blogger, start charging $5 here or there and it will all begin to add up!
  2. Hosting a giveaway - Love their products? See if they'll sponsor something in your next giveaway, gift guide, etc..This is a perfect way to not have to spend money on a gift as well as to share some of your favorite products with your following so they can try it out too.
  3. Having a company sponsor an event - If you're into hosting blogger events like myself, see if they'll add products to your goodie bags. Companies love to get their products into their target audience's hands, especially if it's a bloggers who have the same target audience, so use that to your advantage!
  4. Side bar ads - Do this...as long as they don't get too crammed and ugly... No one likes an overly saturated side bar, but as long as you can tastefully have ads up, start charging companies to be there for 30 days, 60 days or however long you choose. 
  5. Hosting an event on behalf of the company - Drive traffic to their boutique, restaurant or any place of business really by hosing an event at their establishment. You can do things like a sip and shop, happy hour or any other kind of interactive event. 
  6. Use their product to host a workshop - Working with a tech company of some sort? Utilize them by way of an online webinar or workshop you want to host and offer participants a free trial
  7. Promoting their event in an email blast - Don't actually want to do an event or can't make it to a specific one? If you have a decent sized email list charge a company to promote their upcoming event! This way you're promoting something you like and getting paid, too. 
  8. Wearing their product to an event - This is an easy and great option for if you're going to an event or function that's a big deal, i.e. Fashion Week. Companies will actually PAY you to wear their products if you're going somewhere that's going to be covered across a multitude of media outlets. 
  9. Including their product in a vlog - This one is definitely a practical option for all of my travel addicts. Offer to include a company in your video recap. This is great for things like luggage, travel sized products or camera equipment. 
  10. Newsletter ads - Because you already send out weekly newsletters, right? Charge a company to be included in the newsletters you're sending out. Say you're sending out holiday related content in December, have a company include their sales in your newsletter for a fee. 
  11. Doing a Snapchat/Instagram story takeover - This is a perfect option if you're also looking to connect with their audience and followers too! Do something you already planned on doing on your own social media, but also get to reach a much broader audience. 
  12. Sponsoring a Twitter Chat - Do you run a popular Twitter Chat? Have a company sponsor it in some fashion! They could provide a grand prize to the person who tweets the most, raffle off something or provide discounted items to everyone who joined in. 
  13. Exclusive rights -  Offer to have that one brand be the only one you mention for a specific period of time. For example, as a travel blogger who plans to travel to 10 different countries for a project, you will only stay with Marriott hotels as your travel accommodations for a year.

I've only listed thirteen, but there are so many other ways to work with companies! There truly are no boundaries to what can happen so long as you have a vision, plan it out and get a company on board. 

Now I want to know what are some of your favorite ways to work with brands? Share them with me in the comments below as I'm always looking for new ways to work with companies and would love to hear what your favorite are! 

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