3 Reasons Why Comment Pods DO NOT Work

As an entrepreneur I think it's safe to say we all love the content we produce and believe it should be on the Instagram feeds of everyone around the world. We all want to be the Kim Kardashians of the world to the point where even if we post something not so relevant, it's still a trending topic on Twitter.

With this idea of making it big I've found that a lot of us want to take a quick route instead of enjoying the journey. Do I blame you? Hell no. As a recent broke college grad who's trying to make blogging a career I completely understand wanting to skip forward to where you're making BANK for a simple Instagram post. But, what I also realized is that you can't get there with this little thing we all like to call comment pods.

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For those of you who don't know what comment pods are, they're basically Instagram (or other social media platform) groups that are dedicated to commenting on other people's posts. You post a picture, drop the image in the group and everyone goes to "comment and engage" on the photo. In theory this is a great concept, but what I've come to realize it's actually counterproductive. 

So here I am, writing the unpopular opinion of why comment pods don't work. If you're a fan of them and think they work wonders, I'm happy for you! But for me, they just don't seem to cut it and here's why...

Comment Pods DO NOT Produce REAL Engagement

When you join one of these comment pods you will get engagement...it just won't be real engagement. Think about it, you all have decided among yourselves to comment on each other's images but thasssit. These people are here to get and receive, not to actually take in your content, love your content and be a ride or die follower of your content. 

Now some of you may be thinking, what's the problem with that if my Instagram is poppin'? The problem is when a company comes to you asking to do a campaign due to the high levels of engagement you have and you can't even sell a single ticket because all your "engagement" was fake...

Just because you're not paying for a comment pod doesn't mean you're not bartering for fake engagement. You are. I get it because I have done it and I am in no way saying it's the wrong thing to do. I just want you to understand that comment pods are useful if you're ONLY looking for that fake, face-value engagement and not truly dedicated followers. 

I realized it after being in a few comment pods that it wasn't what I truly wanted for my blog and so I decided to leave all of them at once. I did what I thought was best, so you do you boo! 

That brings me to my next point...

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Comment Pods DO NOT Align With Your Target Audience

Me doing me may not be everyone's cup of tea and that's perfectly fine. But, in these comment pods whether you're a green tea drinker or a Chamomile kind of drinker, everyone's tea becomes your tea. Since you HAVE to engage with other's content you're getting and giving comments from people outside your target audience.

Why is this a bad thing?

It's bad because since these people aren't your target audience the engagement that you're gaining or giving will come off as inorganic. Those "Nice!" and "Cool" comments aren't engagement people, but I understand why some people do post that. If you're in a comment pod with people who aren't your target audience, you may not have anything nice to say aside from nice or cool. Trust me, it happened to me...

My point is just because you're a fashion blogger in a fashion comment pod that doesn't mean everyone's fashion will align with yours. Yes, a few people may inspire you, but there may be some that you really can't say anything aside from "nice post" and who REALLY wants that on their photo? I know I don't. Invest in commenting and engaging with bloggers that align with your target audience and niche. Doing so will make you friends in your scope and gain real engagement, I promise. 

The inorganic comments are overrated, which brings me to my last point...

Comment Pods DO NOT Grow Real Support

I am ever so thankful to have support from my Tribe as well as other bloggers like SheaKyshira and Shea. You. Are. All. Appreciated. If I have a question they help or if I want them to check out a post that's RELEVANT to them, I'll let them know to check it out and they will organically read through and let me know their thoughts. 

We've built mutually supportive relationships to the point where we don't even need to ask each other for help so much as we just see each other's content and check it out or share it. It's organic support and I love every bit of it.

But, I've noticed that in these comment pods people like to classify what they're doing as support which is all fine and dandy except for the fact that some people take it TOO seriously. I know everyone's different, but I would never call someone out in a group and tell them they haven't commented on my work yet and need to. To me, nothing is every that serious and it comes off as crazy because people really think that this is support...

Commenting is a FAVOR, but do not get it twisted and call this support. No pod of influencers who call each other out for not commenting on their work is a supportive group. Nor are they there to truly support your content because they like it!I don't care what you say, in my eyes that's not support but rather a group of people who NEED them comments. 

"I commented on your stuff so you need to return the favor."

To that I say this one simple thing...

"If you have to FORCE people to like your content, you should revisit the content you're producing."  

So the moral of this entire story is comment pods just don't work...for me at least. Forcing me to comment on content that I really wasn't a fan of didn't make sense. I tried, believe me but I realized that this entire situation wouldn't grow my real following any quicker. I was just getting basic comments from the same people over and over. That's not growth, that's repetition. Followers are followers, but if they don't believe in where you're leading them to they're just numbers that won't equate to success.

I'm going to get my success, are you?