A Small Blogger's Guide To Increasing Blog Traffic

Wouldn't it be great if your blog went viral and you could quit your nine to five? That's honestly the goal and mindset most bloggers have nowadays, and rightfully so! Think about it, we have all this content we're curated and perfected so eventually we'd like to make some coins. Am I right or am I right? 

But, of course we all know it takes some serious blog traffic to generate an actual income to live off of and I've come to realize that the million dollar question in the blogging world is how do I actually get people to my website and reading my content? We all want our content read because we think it's the best damn thing since sliced bread, but the numbers aren't adding up. So, we focus on growing our social media platforms, researching more hashtags, scheduling a ton of posts through Hootsuite, and collaborating with more brands only to find that our stats have increased, but not substantially. 

This was me for about one year of my blogging career and let me tell you, I was confused. I'm doing this and that, I'm sharing all my stuff, growing on social media, but I can't even hit 5,000 unique monthly views. So, I dedicated time to going through my stats and realized what the problem was...

I wasn't catering to my audience's needs.

With anything in life, people will pay you, invest in you and support you if you provide them with something that they want or need. After reviewing my stats as The Budget Divaa, I found I wasn't meeting my audience's needs at all. So what did I do? I started listening and it changed everything...

After rebranding and relaunching in October I doubled my UVMs, surpassing 5,000 views for the first month ever. 

I finally listened to who I was writing for and the response was overwhelming. Your audience is speaking to you whether you know it or not, so do yourself a favor and pay attention to what they're saying. Not sure how? Here's three ways you can start listening to your audience:

  1. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT BLOG POSTS GET THE MOST TRACTION - Your analytics should be your everything. Stop focusing on the big numbers and focus on the nitty gritty of each post. What category do people respond to best? Does that post have substantial images within the text? 
  2. FIND OUT HOW MOST PEOPLE ARE GETTING TO YOUR BLOG - My biggest traffic driver is Twitter, even though it has a quarter of the amount of following to my largest platform. If you don't know off the top of your head which platform drives the most traffic you're already losing. Know this so you can know how to build it.
  3. STUDY ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT - Find out what posts, tweets and pins get the most engagement and why. Being able to understand what catches your reader's attention is crucial to staying on their radar.

If that wasn't enough, let me help you with my blog & social media audit! I am confident that together we can pinpoint what your blog needs to be a HUGE success. For more information visit my services page

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear your feedback on how you gain traffic from your social media profiles.