9 Melanated #GIRLBOSSES You Need To Succeed

As an entrepreneur, success only comes when you put in the work. Sometimes that means months or even years of putting in long hours without feeling like you've seen immediate results, but nonetheless we all know success is at the end of the road which makes the journey worthwhile. 

One of the BEST things I've realized about my journey to success is that I have a multitude of entrepreneurs in my circle to look up to and learn from. These girlbosses are EVERYTHING, because each of them has something unique about them that inspires me to keep going. 

Having multiple girlbosses from different niches, blog sizes, etc. really does help you get a full image of the blogging world and that is why I came up with this list. Get the ENTIRE image of what blogging is all about, not just that one blogger who made it and has trillions of followers. Not everyone is a mega, super blogger or blogging full time making six figures, but each of these women you can learn some major keys from. 

So here's the girlbosses you need to succeed in 2017:

1. Kyshira from HERmovement - She's a #GirlBoss because not only is she a bombshell at being a professional, but she also brings together hundreds of like-minded women with her Mastermind Facebook group full of busy bombshells and #HERmovement Twitter Chats. 

2. Bryanda from Quirktastic - She's a #GirlBoss because she's used her quirks and all to break boundaries in the blogging world, by securing hundreds of thousands of unique monthly visitors and substantial income from her media platform.

3. Jacque from Adorned by Chi - She's a #GirlBoss due to her creating an empire of clothing through her brand that's skyrocketed right before our eyes. Her brand caters to an untapped market and she's been able to provide quality, unique products to Soft Black Girls worldwide.

4. Debbie from The Locd Bella - She's a #GirlBoss for mastering the art of story telling through one simple image. Her photography has captured thousands of people's eyes and now she's doing Photo Meetups to help spread knowledge of photography to anyone interested. 

5. Jaleesa from Jaleesa Charisse - She's a #GirlBoss who doesn't get enough credit! Jaleesa is not only a beauty blogger, but she's become a force to reckon with at only 23 by conducting a multitude of national sponsored campaigns, event hostings and serving as a panelist at events. #ISeeYouJaleesa

6. Amber from Amber Janae - She's a #GirlBoss not only on her lifestyle blog about overall life positivity and growth, but she's also mastered the art of being a self published author of FIVE books. Needless to say, she's an entrepreneur that has her eye on the prize.

7. Mattie from Mattieologie - She's a #GirlBoss for mastering using her influence to make leaps and bounds in the blogging world. From teaching master classes to landing national campaigns with brands such as Burlington Coat Factory, she's truly the godmother of using your influence to your advantage.

8. Morgan from Black Girls Who Blog - She's a #GirlBoss by being the Creator-in-Chief of one of the largest hashtags in the Black blogosphere, '#BlackGirlsWhoBlog'. Morgan has shown how even a simple hashtag has the potential to become a worldwide, recognized movement.

9. Jaleesa from No Country For Old Trends - She's a #GirlBoss for recently jumping on the blogging scene and making a BOLD statement. Jaleesa has exemplified how standing out and being yourself will make leaps and bounds in life instead of recreating content everyone's already seen.

These women each shed light on a particular expertise in blogging world and have inspired me to do better. Through watching their webinars, participating in their chats or even just taking notes on how they do something, I've been able to evolve as the blogger I am today! So if you're looking to succeed, I say visit these ladies for some major #GirlBoss inspiration.