3 Things No One Told Me About Entrepreneurship

In a previous post about entrepreneurship, I mentioned it being somewhat of the new trend and it's continuing to be THE THING for millennials to get involved in. That being said I think one attribute I love about the few entrepreneurs I look up to, and try to emulate, is their transparency; with them there’s no secrets or keeping certain pieces of information reserved.

Now I’m continuing to keep it all the way candid with you all and let you know the things no one told me about entrepreneurship. Yep, there’s some major key things that I wish someone let me know way back when it all started...

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1. Going off of this idea of being a trend, entrepreneurship is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme.

Just to put it into perspective, approximately nine out of ten start up businesses FAIL. Yes, you heard that right...they FAIL. So what’s the lesson here exactly? No one told me that in order to make being an entrepreneur your bread and butter, you have to WORK HARD for it.

Now this one sounds like a no-brainer, but I say this because nowadays people are selling mystical masterclasses saying quit your 9 to 5 and make six figures tomorrow. Keeping it real folks, that's not how this works...that's not how any of this works.

I’m going to be honest with you, when I first wanted to seriously dive into working for myself as a blogger I thought alright, cool I’ve started now I’m going to make money. Nope, not how it works at all.

Now as a somewhat seasoned blogger, I see more and more new bloggers making the same mistake themselves. Some even asking me how to monetize when they haven't invested or put 100% effort into their blogs yet. 

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While there's no timeline on when you can make money from being an entrepreneur, you DO have to work towards making your business a full time form of employment just like you’d do with any other job. So long hours blogging in advance, creating QUALITY posts, scheduling social media posts out, doing market research to understand what others are doing to get sponsorship opportunities, doing research on your target audience so you can better appeal to them, and so much more goes into making those coins.

So to everyone who thinks this lifestyle is cake, I have this to say:


There is ALWAYS something to do to keep your business at the head of the game and current with new technological advances, current events, updates, etc.. So if you haven’t been told yet, let me be the first to let you know that you have to put in work to see those results. Finding the perfect balance of researching, scheduling and continuing to produce quality will get you to the top.

2. Moving along with all that work, it’s important to realize what you need to succeed.

Working towards your business taking off takes time, but it also takes money. No one told me that becoming an entrepreneur is expensive. You always see those “start a business with no money”, but realistically it takes money to make money.

I know there’s tons of ways to cut costs on certain things, but there are some unavoidable costs that you just have to pay out. For example, your domain for your website....I’ve spoken about it before and companies are more likely to take shescandid.com seriously over shescandid.wordpress.com. Yes I started there, but when I was serious about making money from blogging I picked up that expense to make it happen.

I recommend signing up for BlueHost because it's quick, easy and will give your website a more professional feel! You can also set up an email, i.e. info@yourbusiness.com, which adds to the professionalism of your online presence. #GlowUp

While small pieces like that are only $3 monthly, I say entrepreneurship is expensive because all the little things add up to expenses you didn’t have before. From hosting to the documentation to be a corporation, the upgrades on software, the photographer or camera upgrades (vlog camera and regular camera), trips to conferences and lighting for your videos, the small bills eventually add up to large ones.

Can you buy them in small increments when things are on sale? Absolutely, but nonetheless when you look at how much you’ve invested in a year’s time you’ll be surprised that owning your own is expensive. So along the way, be sure to save some of the coins you make to reinvest into your vision.

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So you’re working, you’re investing, what else is there? You’re doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality so what other secrets to success could there be? Well, there’s this notion that I believe is the most important for all up and coming entrepreneurs yet people hardly ever say it out loud...

3. No one EVER told me that your journey will NEVER be exactly like someone else’s.

There are people out there, (myself included), who have blog posts and manuals and the whole nine yards showing you how to be successful in the world of entrepreneurship but that doesn’t mean it’s right for your journey.

There may be components of my journey that you can apply to your own, but ultimately what I go through may be completely different from you and that is OKAY. Hell, you may just become a millionaire by not even lifting a finger so if that’s the path you're destined to take #DOYOUBOO.

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The sooner we all realize that there’s general information out there on entrepreneurship, but there’s exceptions and adaptations based on the specifics of your business the better. This is extremely helpful in understanding how to know what pieces of information you need to apply to yourself and what can be left behind.

There's tons to consume out there, but not every software, upgrade, trend or product needs to be implemented into what you have going on. And if you're just starting our or about to start, realizing that before going into the game will definitely save yourself a lot of those “why are they successful and I’m not” moments.

That's a wrap! I support all of you in all of your entrepreneurial endeavors as there’s room at the top for each and every one of us. Keep on keeping on and I hope my insights have made some sort of positive impact on your journey.

Any lessons learned about entrepreneurship you want to share? Leave a comment with the tea so we can all experience the #GLOWUP.