The One Reason Your Audience Doesn't Support You

In blog world, your content can be amazing, your images on point, but there's really only one thing that matters: your followers. Whether it's a company investigating how many you have or a simple blog post you want to move people, the audience that all your content is reaching means EVERYTHING.

Think about it, without anyone reading, retweeting and all that jazz your content isn't going anywhere. I know because that's exactly how I started some years ago... I realized and switched things up, but so many of you are making the same mistake over and over again with your audience, which is ultimately leading to you not getting 100% of their support. There's this one fatal mistake that so many of you are repeatedly doing because you're caught up on hustling for likes...ready to have your mind blown?

Your audience doesn't support you because you treat them like followers. 

Really let that settle in before you come for me. You are NOT getting support because you're treating the people you want to be ride or die for your content like mere followers. "Check this out girl", "visit my blog", and "New post #ontheblog" are the only things you see on your timeline and within your captions. 

You're asking people to be faithful to supporting you, but the best you can do is direct them to the link in your bio? Yea, you've got to do better than that to really and truly cultivate a "squad" that's there for your content on a regular basis.

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I can tell you ALL about my audience, because they've become my friends, acquaintances and blogging boos. Whether it's texting them something positive when I see them accomplish something, going to dinner with them here in Miami or even just retweeting their content, I am connected and invested with my audience. If you're not, don't expect them to connect and invest in you. Seriously, like why would they...

Now how can you get your entire life together and bridge the gap between you and your audience?  It's simple really if you look at any other friendship or relationship you have. Building that creates an "I'm going to support your work no matter what" with the other person and that's exactly what you're looking to do in blog world. Realistically you can buy followers, so what you want is blogging friends, boos and all those other great things. 

So here are my top three ways to build those strong relationships with them so you both can support each other. 

  1. Lose the image and get real. One thing so many people are looking for from the bloggers, vloggers and influencers they follow is that split second that they're a real, relatable person. That moment is priceless and what allows people to know you're just like them. 
  2. Remove "followers" from your vocabulary. If you hear me speak about the people who engage with my content, I tend to call them by their names and know who they are. These are people who have different personas and needs, so once you remove the "follower" title from them, you get way more connected to who they are. 
  3. Give and you shall receive. Stop pushing people to buy your course and instead offer something to them! Whether it's a giveaway, Ebook, daily motivation emails, etc., find a way to give more to your audience and you shall receive way more in return. 

In the past few months when I transitioned to She's Candid I've seen incredible changes in the bonds I have with my audience and it's all because of these three things. Stop being disconnected from your audience and you'll see those real life, immediate results. 2017 is here, so get your sh*t together! 

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