How To Take A Break From Your Blog WITHOUT Losing Your Followers


Blogging and online influencing takes A LOT of time and energy. When you're truly hustling your way to the top, being present, active and engaged on the world wide web seems to be nonnegotiable to remain relevant. 

But every now and then it's good to unplug...

I've shared my journey with taking a break on social media and even just taking a major pause from blogging last month, because so often we don't take time out for ME TIME. I reclaimed my me time and to anyone who's thinking about taking a much needed (and well deserved break) this blog post is for you!

So how do you take a break from your blog, WITHOUT losing everything you've worked so hard for? Here's a quick guide that shares the key elements needed to successfully unwind and leave your online presence in good standing. 

1. First thing's first, you have to keep it candid.

By now you've probably realized the way to TRULY master your online potential is by being yourself. If you didn't catch that, make sure you watch this youtube video on my channel for the tea on influencing. 


With being yourself online comes my favorite H word, which is honesty. Honesty is SO important with truly keeping your followers around while you take a mini hiatus. I say that to say this, if you plan to leave for an extended period of time...TELL YOUR AUDIENCE. 

Look, nothing's worse than going to your favorite blogger's website only to find they took it down, they're under construction OR just left you hanging. Being upfront and intentional about telling your followers to hang tight because you'll be returning soon is essential making sure they're still there when you come back. 

I recommend sending out an email or social media post letting them know you'll be gone for a while. This clears up any future confusion and makes sure you can leave knowing you did your part in letting your boos know what was going on.

Leading right in to my next point...

2. Don't just leave, share when/where you'll be present. 

When you're ready for a much needed break, it's easy to just throw up the deuces and walk me I've been there. BUT what I've realized is to stay relevant with your blog you HAVE to share when and where you'll be active or accessible during this time period. 

I know what you're thinking..."I want to take a BREAK"...and I completely understand, so this step is the one you need to pay close attention to.

Taking a break can mean SO many things; from just pausing on your blog content to shutting down all social media platforms, your "break" needs to be defined.

Will you be accessible on the weekends via email in case a brand wants to collaborate? Will you still be sharing vacation photos on your Instastory, but not actually tweeting out updates? Will you be sending out a newsletter, but ceasing all communication on social media platforms?


Quite honestly, if you really want to go ghost, I recommend still being accessible somewhere online. When I took my hiatus, I disabled my Instagram (yes honey, you CAN do that) to ensure my following remained the same and only tweeted every now and then on Twitter. Thassit. I shared that's what I was doing with my followers and everyone who wanted to still connect go in formation on my Twitter account.

Providing this extra clarity helps keep up engagement with your followers and let's people know if they need you during your absence, this is the best spot to reach you at. Think of this extra step as setting up an Out of Office message at work...basically, this is what you need for your followers.

3. Stay engaged without engaging.

It's no secret that automation is a MUST in the world of online influence. Whether you're a serial automator or just dabbling into this territory here and there, automation is a tool that CANNOT be ignored.

No, I'm not talking about those automatic DM and automatic like systems.... 

During your absence I recommend having some type of automatic posting, email funnel and/or promotion running to keep new and old followers engaged. These are my two favorites:

  • ViralTag: My ONLY social media scheduling tool that is my holy grail. You can add content to your queue and it will consistently be posted on your platforms based on your schedule. 
  • MailChimp: The automation tools in Mailchimp allow your email courses, welcome messages and newsletter series to still run even if you're off galavanting, meditating or traveling the world. Mailchimp is a MUST for me and it should be for all of my bloggers/entrepreneurs. 

These tools allowed me to still remain active and engaged, leaving my followers new and old still feeling connected to me. I even gained some followers despite being absent for over a month. #GetYouSomeAutomationBoo

Now what? Well no it's time for you to take a much deserved break! You've officially set yourself up to leave your blog for a while, but still continue to be present, active and relevant. 

Everyone needs a break now and then, so take yours! Taking a break? Share your next break with me in the comments below or share this with an entrepreneur friend who needs a little nudge to take a mental break themselves.