How To Successfully Sell Products/Services On Your Blog

By now I'm sure you all know that my services page has fully launched and is packed with quality services for all my blogging boos. Whether you're a fashion blogger, business blogger or a brand new blogger, I've crafted my services to be able to help YOU. With the first month of being up and running, I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with the amount of sales and love I've received. 

With that I've noted my success on launching this extension of the She's Candid brand and couldn't help but think there are others who may need help launching their own products/services. So we are all gathered here today to discuss what you really need to successfully sell your goodness. It isn't easy, but if done right you will see much success in your journey.

For starters, you need to ask yourself one oh so dreaded question, "so what?" You're selling T shirts with your logo on what? What relevance does that provide to your audience? What value are you bringing forth to them? What would make them want to purchase this product/service from you? Really asking yourself these questions, which stem from the overall 'so what', will break down the bigger picture of what you plan to offer and if it's genuinely going to be successful. 

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Often people love the ideas they have, but forget YOU are not buying your products/services, other people are. So if you can't answer that 'so what' question perfectly and with precise clarity on what the consumer will gain, then you may need to go back to the drawing board to determine if these are the right fit for you and your target consumer. 

With that, if you have come to the conclusion that your product would in fact be valuable to your audience, you then need to test it out before actually putting it out there to the public. A soft launch, basically. There's a multitude of ways to do this, but one of the best is to utilize that blog of yours. 

If you go back to before I launched paid services, I started incorporating more pitching blog posts into my GirlBoss section to see the response my readers would give me. I also did an email courses and a webinar to really get a feel for everything before I just went and said pay me. 

What did this do for me? It gave me insight to if there was actually a market for what I was planning to sell and if people would actually invest in me. With my courses and webinar people actually paid attention to what I said and expressed that I was in fact VALUABLE to them. This wasn't a stroke to my ego, but rather the reassurance I needed to fully launch my services. This is what I suggest EVERY blogger looking to sell products/services do before just jumping out there with something. Test it out through blogging or doing a soft launch with a few bloggers testing it out. Get the feedback you need then execute accordingly. 

Now once you get all that squared away, you are almost ready to launch. The final piece of the pie to ensure true success is to make that pricing RIGHT. One of the biggest mistakes so many bloggers or store owners do is overprice or under-price their inventory. With either you can create great stress on you, your time and your pocket book. Factoring in how long it takes you to complete one order and the expenses associated with everything is so important.

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Price your products/services so you are not only breaking even for what you're providing, but also making at least a 30% profit. That's my rule of thumb and quite honestly, my pricing for Candid Consulting wasn't yielding that with the time I was inputting, so I adjusted my prices. Don't get caught having to change your prices after you launch. Take that extra time to really price everything right so you can ensure success in the ending. 

Success comes with proper planning, so take that time to map out your products/services so you have nothing but profits in your future. Thinking of launching products/services this year? I want to know about it in the comments below!