Here's Why Small Bloggers NEED A Media Kit + FREE Checklist

Can I just start this post out with business has been booming? I love that I'm able to help so many of you pitch the brands of your dreams with my letters in addition to helping you all elevate your sites. What better way to make coins than to provide a genuine service and help people? 

With that I've received questions left and right on helping you all do the damn thing. From analytics questions to blog redesign, I've tried my best to help you all in the DMs. 

But one question recently made me stop and think, hmm I should make that into a blog post. The question was a simple one but nonetheless it made me stop and yell YES in the comfort of my own home. 

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A recent blog audit client reached out for a custom pitch letter and asked if she should proceed without a media kit. 

Now I understand her logic behind not having a media kit, which was I'm a very small blogger and I totally get how you'd think, why do I need to write down I have a few hundred followers on my website? 

I'll tell you exactly why, which is because IT'S VALUABLE. Listen, if you are a small blogger who doesn't have a media kit you are high key LOSING right now. Seriously...someone has to keep it candid with you. 

So to everyone who's thinking I don't have a media kit because I'm small, have a seat and let's chat. Here's why you need to get your life together and create a media kit ASAP.

You're a small blogger, so you HAVE to overcompensate. 

Often times when you go to a company wanting to work with them, your ideas can be all dandy and fabulous...but what do those numbers look like though? It can be intimidating to reach out to Nordstrom with less than 10k, but it's not impossible so long as you understand you have to overcompensate which is with your media kit.

When Blogger A who has 150k reaches out to a brand, the brand may look at their social media aesthetic and blog photos to make sure they align with the company. Afterwards, if they have the budget or need for the collaboration they may seal the deal! 

When Blogger B who has 1k reaches out to the same brand, the brand will immediately see the number and think you're a bit on the smaller side. They may not even take the time to look at your website once they see those initial numbers BUT, you can still capture their attention by overcompensating with information in your media kit. 

Show them why your 1k is just as valuable as that 150k with a proper pitch and media kit and you're golden, (so long as there's budget, need, yada yada yada). Overcompensation with reaching out to brands can lead to real life compensation for you in the near future, so put in the extra work to make it happen.

Your media kit is your RESUME and should be used accordingly.

When you go to a job interview with a resume, think of why you selected that job, what your resume says that aligns with the company and how it makes you look like the perfect candidate for the job. Your media kit is quite literally the same thing, give or take.

  1. Previous employers are your previous brand collaborations
  2. Special skills are your services offered, (brand ambassadorships, sponsored videos, press trips, etc.)
  3. Years of experience would equate to the growth/traffic/following

Makes sense? As a small blogger you HAVE to walk into the conversation ready to show how qualified you are to execute the proposed collaboration at hand. Think of it this way, if you don't think you're qualified or can't show you're qualified, why would you expect companies to pay/work with you? 

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Now if you're thinking I don't have much to add to my "resume", think really hard about what you've done in the past. Hosting twitter chats, invitations to cover events, working with small local businesses, etc. are all things that can be added! Just like a resume, your media kit should show the BEST of you because you never know which skill will get you hired for the collaboration. 

Think long and hard what needs to be added and remember, as you grow you can always go back and update it! 


So what do you need to do after this? Go make a media kit ASAP. While I'm no media kit designer I did make a FREE checklist that you can access NOW in my Resource Library. Enter your information below to get instant access. 

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