The Best Piece Of Advice For New/Small Bloggers

So many people have watched my growth from blogging as The Budget Divaa to now having a somewhat decent idea of how to master this thing we call "blogging". Through my journey I've definitely learned the do's, the don'ts and just about everything in between.

Now that I'm finally stabilizing my blogging dreams, I've found so many people ask me about the advice for new bloggers and my answer always surprises people. Is it about how many social media posts you should do per day or learning how to go viral on Pinterest? Nope, not even close actually.

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If there was one piece of advice I could give to myself back in the day or to any new blogger it would be to focus on the content. I cannot express enough how important your content is in this blogging game. Sounds like a no brainer, but it's easy to get side tracked on all these other components you "have to do". 

Let's just think about it for a second many new bloggers in the building feel compelled to have a bomb Instagram feed or have tens of thousands of followers? I'm sure you've felt that at some point in your life.

Now let me ask you this, how many people remember when Myspace was the IT social media...or even when Facebook was LIFE? My point is not to say Instagram isn't important, (hell it's basically the 21st century business card), but like many platforms it will plateau. It may not be today or even within the next decade, but there will be something new that dominates the way we get social.

My point...

[Click To Tweet] "Social media is temporary, but the content you are producing #ontheblog should influence others forever." 

Blog posts that go viral, videos on Youtube that's been shared millions of times are your CONTENT and as a content creator you have to remember that is priority. Growth on social media, more traffic and more campaigns will come but only if your content is A1.

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So this advice begs the follow up question of what is "good content"? Well I'll first start by saying you should never aim to be "good", but rather extraordinary. Not saying my blog is there just yet, BUT I do have the vision to be extraordinary in my future and you should too! 

Now extraordinary content, in my eyes, is content that has three components: relevance, uniqueness and a takeaway. If your content has ALL of the three parts listed above, I personally think your content is in tip top shape to make it big in blog world.

What do I mean by relevant? If you're speaking to an audience of teenagers about the latest pension plans, it may not be the best fit. Your content should be relevant to your audience. If it's not, you're quite candidly speaking to the birds. Know who your audience is, where they live, what they're about and everything else you can know about them, then speak TO them about matters that have relevance to their lives. Otherwise you might want to read my post on rebranding

What do I mean by unique? Pretty straight forward in theory, but SO many people miss the mark on this. Unique can come in a variety of ways, but the BEST and EASIEST way to be unique is to be yourself. Giving all of you to your content shows and since there's no one on Earth exactly like you, your content will instantly stand out. Add more touches of yourself into your work and watch the results shift. 

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What kind of "takeaway" am I talking about? To me, a takeaway can be just about anything; whether it's a free checklist or just sharing some new found knowledge, your readers should always leave with something after visiting your website. Otherwise what's the point? Yes, some people think of their blogs as diaries, but until you provide actual purpose and takeaways for people to have, your following will plateau. The easiest way to approach this part is by asking yourself before you post "why should my followers read this"? If your answer keeps going back to you looking good or you being happy or all about you, maybe revisit the reason THEY should click that link in the bio. 

There you have it! No magical formula or algorithm for getting your posts on the New York Times. Worrying about the content and giving it your main attention will show. I've seen small bloggers land campaigns with national brands all because they truly focused on their content creation. So worry about you and the benefits will come when the time is right.

So what's the next step? After you've mastered your content, start thinking of how you can master the art of being a microinfluencer! Not sure what that is or how to do it? Here's my latest video where I share all the must know details on the art of Microinfluencing. 

That's all folks! I'm curious to know, what's your best piece of advice? I'd love to hear it in the comments below!