The One and Only Reason You're Not Getting Sponsored Campaigns

To keep it one hundred, I've been irritated...truly irritated deep in my soul by the inquiries and emails I've been getting from some people recently. 

You see, I like to think of my blog as a resource for smaller bloggers who are really trying to do the damn thing and make moves in the blogosphere. So when people who just started come up to me solely looking for how I do sponsored content, get free products, etc., I'm slightly taken aback. 

I just want to get one thing clear and that's my intentions with my content. I didn't produce an annual income report or a how to pitch post for people to think it comes easy. I'm not the blogger who's going to put on and say it's a glamorous lifestyle or hobby that requires NO work at all. 

I built my brand, rebranded and figured out what worked for me. If you want to make it and get recognized by companies, you have to WORK. It's really as simple as that. So, forgive me if you're not a huge fan of that honest and true, but I refuse to be a person who people believe will sell them dreams and say they can just DM companies for free things. 

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So enough of that tit for tat, let's get to the creme de la creme of this post for those who actually are willing to put in the work. Why aren't you getting sponsored campaigns? Seems like a complex question, but really I can guarantee there's one answer for the majority of you battling this issue.

To keep it candid, you're not getting sponsored campaigns because you're not producing sponsorship worthy content NOW. 

I want you to pause, take a second and then come back to me, because this is huge. If you are consistently getting turned down for campaigns or not getting inquiries in your email, the content you're producing right now is NOT sponsorship worthy content.  

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Now when I say that, don't think I'm saying your content isn't the bee's knees. What I'm saying is sponsored campaigns/opportunities are like jobs...literally. The reality of it is if you don't have a resume that's applicable to a job, you're more than likely not going to get it. 

It's the EXACT same way with sponsored content. Even if you have NO previous work history with brands, you can still land sponsored campaigns if you are already producing that sponsorship worthy content. 

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