Here's The Truth On How I Create & Produce All Of My Content

I was talking to my girl Jaleesa the other day and she asked me about my content; more specifically, how do I come up with my blog topics. Let me tell you, there's definitely a method to my madness here on She's Candid.

One of the reasons I rebranded was because I wanted to be authentic, real and an actual "influencer" instead of someone who just produces fluffy OOTD posts every once in a while (which was me the majority of 2016, let's be honest).

So with my rebranding I had this notion of staying true and being myself, but what did that mean specifically for my content? While I haven't gotten a complete on this thing we love to call consistency, I do actually "plan" out my blog posts to some extent. Let me explain...

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To keep it all the way real, like ALL THE WAY...the majority of my content comes from my audience. I'm not talking about running through your blog posts and stealing your content, but moreso based on what you're saying, what you're asking me and what you're responding to.

Long story short, my blog is literally run by my audience.

To some this may sound a tad wishy washy in that you can't really plan too far in advance. For example, one of my blog posts coming up is on Things To Avoid In Your Pitch Letter because I received a pitch letter recently that had all of those things in it. That blog post on Gaining Inspiration From Others Without Copying? Created because someone blatantly copied from my website last month and it was a whole big thing on the back end.

See my point? A lot of my content is created around real life experiences I've encountered or those that have been presented to me. More recently, I tweeted about not truly having a ton of "blog inspiration" because everyone is reproducing the same stuff and selling the same overpriced courses (yes there is TONS of shade in this statement). So you already know what's coming soon...a blog post.

I share this with you all to say it's OKAY to have a different method of content creation aside from the typical batch thirty posts, schedule them out and promote the hell out of them. While I support anyone who's found what works best for them, that just doesn't work for me.

She's Candid was created to be REAL and I've packaged it in a way that produces real content around what's actually happening in my life at the time. Whether you know it or not, there's ALWAYS a back story to my #GirlBoss blog posts, most of the time based on someone being unprofessional in my inbox (it happens entirely too often). 

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So to anyone having writer's block, try letting go of that stigma that you HAVE to produce something by tomorrow and instead let a little bit of your real life shed a lotta bit of knowledge on your blog. I completely support blogging in the moment because, to me, that's when it's the most genuine.

Unless it's a post that's solely meant to be a resource or list, I most often will produce my posts right after something has happened or inspired me. I'll sit down, think if it's post worthy, maybe tweet something that is centered around the idea in my head to see if my audience responds to it and then hash it out with my keyboard. 

There's no magic or secrets to my madness here at She's Candid. No editorial calendars, spreadsheets, monthly themes or any of that. Quite honestly I've just mastered my way of blogging and I urge everyone to find and master their way! 

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My final advice to anyone on content creation? At the end of the day, your blog is meant to be READ by someone, so if you're thinking of a topic in your mind don't be scared to ask your audience how they feel about it. Like I said, I may not say "hey do you all want a blog post on this", but I will read their tweets, see their replies to my own and listen to my readers.

That's all I've got on producing content! I'm curious to know what works for you? Are editorial calendars a thing you use? If you are planning out your content, how far in advance do you plan? Let me know in the comments (I finally learned how to turn them on LOL).