31 Day End Of The Year Personal Challenge


I don't know about you...but 2017 was THAT year for me. I had some major wins, some serious low points, but tons of realizations about who I am, what I want to do and how I'm going to do it. So all in all, I'd say this one a year for the books!

Now I'm in the process of planning for 2018 and although slightly overwhelmed with how big my goals are, I'm also extremely excited! You see I spent 2017 doing amazing things WITHOUT setting them as goals prior to the year starting...now with proper planning in place, I can only imagine what I'll bring to life in the new year.

But before I get there I realized it's time to cleanse, tie up loose ends, evaluate finances and just get as ready as can be for the new year! I'm taking the final 31 days of 2017 to get in total formation so I'm ready, prepared and in good standing for 2018. 

If there's one thing I've noticed it's the small things that ultimately either lead to your downfall or success as a blogger or entrepreneur, so this challenge is to remind us ALL that although small, these little things should be handled before going into the new year. 

Now the question is will you do it with me? While I'm not a huge "challenge" person, I have realized that it's easier to do when you have people to do it with rather than just solo which is exactly why I'm extending my 31 Day End of the Year Personal Challenge to you!

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You can sign up below to receive a daily email for the month of December reminding you of a small task that will help you be successful in 2018. It's simple, easy and will get you all the way right for the new year. Tasks will be 5-15 minutes in length because I'm SO not here to overwhelm your already hectic schedule.

I hope you'll join in! What are some of your final tasks to complete before the year is over? Share them with me below to remind me of items I may have missed myself! Otherwise, I'll see you in your inbox. 

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