I Don't Like To Work For People & It's OKAY

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Yes, it's a wig! Shop my affordable wig here

I didn’t realize a lot of things about life until I went away from college; I thought the world was this hunky dory bubble where everything was dandy and nothing was really all that bad. Seriously, I was blind to so many things happening in the world it’s actually crazy thinking back to my 18 year old self.

Going to college opened up so many avenues outside of the classroom that I truly believe wouldn’t even be accessible to me had I not gone.

One of those things I realized QUICKLY when I came to college is one that may come as shocking to all my nine-to-fivers… I don’t like working for people. Mind blowing, right? What’s even more conflicting is that shortly after coming to this realization, I had a “brain blast” that it was actually okay to not really, genuinely like working for people.

After a few years at college, finding myself and really thinking about my life as a whole I knew that I wasn’t meant to work for someone else. My purpose is different from that and yours might be too! 

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When I think about who I am, I would identify myself to the world as a creative. This understanding alone is a lot to wrap your head around, but when I finally accepted who I am my entire life made sense.

Yes, it's a wig! Shop my affordable wig here. 

Yes, it's a wig! Shop my affordable wig here

Thinking back to high school and the early stages of college I remember always doing just enough to get that good grade. Studying just enough to pass the exam, regurgitating all the vocabulary for the test, etc.. was all that I understood in this stage of my life and for that time period that was OKAY.

It was okay to go through the motions of school because “that’s what you’re supposed to do” in America, right? Go to twelve years of college striving for A’s, get accepted to an accredited university, graduate and either land a high paying job or continue on to a graduate program to get an even higher paying job down the road.

Society had my entire life mapped out for me, as it does for probably 99.99% of the population, but those directions given were not the path I was destined to take.

I struggled with staying at a job or really finding one that fit with my first two years of college. My friends would joke about it saying I had an interview every week and a new job every month. They were absolutely right.

I was applying everywhere, interviewing here and there, occasionally starting a job for a month or so, but never actually stayed put long enough to really love the work. I found myself again doing what was needed to get my check and that’s it.

So I went through the motions of life until age 20 when a groundbreaking event occurred in my life; I created my blog. Such a small, spur of the moment event had such a huge impact on the person I am today. My blog was my place away from it all and I was obsessed with it from a hobby stance.

Looking back today this was the beginning of receiving clarity on why I don’t like working for people, a clarification I had began to ponder...but never fully found an answer.

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My blog showed me I don’t like working for people because I am destined to work on my blog and work on my network, Black Bloggers United. As someone with an entrepreneurial mind set it is so hard to work for other’s because subconsciously you’re thinking of the other endeavors you’d rather pursue.

Yes, it's a wig! Shop my affordable wig here. 

Yes, it's a wig! Shop my affordable wig here

Whether you’re thinking of designs for a clothing line, sparking new ideas for a blog post or thinking up recipes for a cookbook, all these “ideas” are screaming out to you that working on someone else’s clothing, posts or cookbook is not what you really want.

Now working for someone else is fine IF you have that passion, that drive for the mission of the company. If you’re like myself and haven’t found a company that aligns with what you want to do yourself, you’ll probably just continue to go through the motions day in and out until you accept that’s not your purpose.

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So is it really okay to not like working for people? I know so many of you clicked on this because you thought, “I don’t like working for people just like her”, but what have you done about it? I know even more of you resonate with these notions of going through the motions of school and accepting the job you’re at, but have you done anything to change it?

The reason it is okay that I don’t like working for people is because I accepted that truth about myself and am taking steps every single day to make my creative trade my “job”. Dropping out of school, quitting your job tomorrow and trying to figure it out IS NOT what I’m preaching; becoming in tune with your passion and destiny so that you can plan to cultivate your craft is what I’m telling you to do.

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Once you know who you are and what your passion is, everything will fall into place. So, as a 23 year old, college graduate I am here today saying the ugly truth; I don’t like working for people and it is okay. I don’t have all the answers to the rest of my life right now, but I know who I am, what I want and I know it will all be okay.

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How do you feel working for other people? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.