"Love the Ready Set Pitch Email Course. Very helpful and it's almost like you read my mind of all the mistakes I was about to make. Thanks for breaking it down into such bite sized chunks, I feel very comfortable getting started on my pitch emails for my pageant reign and for my blog!"


"Victoria helped me remember why I wanted to share my thoughts with others. She was thorough in her audit of my blog and social media presence. That gave me the jolt I needed after years of stagnation in my blog.


"I leveraged Victoria's pitch letter services for a variety of projects. From pitching sponsored posts to brand ambassadorships, she's well versed in everything. She takes the time to carefully research brands of interests and recommends what makes the most sense for you to pitch. I've had success using every letter she's written. I highly recommend her services."


"Victoria's pitch letters WORK! I sent my letter to a business I've been very eager to work with on Monday. By Wednesday, the business and I were talking collaboration. She put such personalization into my letter, highlighting my strengths as a brand, OF COURSE it would be a success! I couldn't dare attempt a pitch in the future without her!"


"I've been following the steps in the Pitch 101 all week. I finalized my pitch and had the courage to submit to a local boutique today for an upcoming photo shoot. The boutique responded quickly and accepted my proposal. Thank you for this email course. I now have the courage to pitch more brands.


"I thought this course gave so many insights that I would have never thought of. I have been considering pitching to brands for a while now but was always too intimidated and worried that my page views and followers were too small. I am so excited to pitch to my first brand and already have a couple ideas lined up."


"I hardly ever send feedback but I have to let you know that your course was amazing (and better than what some 6-figure pitching experts have put together for their courses)Although I've only pitched once since taking your course (it was approved BTW :)) I have the confidence to continue pushing and lately I've gotten lots of inquires and approvals for campaigns all at once, which has not been the norm - they're much more usually spread out. So, THANK YOU for putting together the course and being candid about your journey."