Winter Trip To New York City + VLOG

It's no secret that I've had the travel bug lately, so traveling to New York City when JetBlue had SUPER inexpensive prices was a no brainer. I hopped on a plane so quick and met up with boo thang so we could paint the town red.

Before you move on I have one thing to say...please understand that I am a HOMEBODY. Staying under the covers and watching Food Network is my idea of "fun", especially when it's thirty degrees each her own, right? However, I did have tons of adventure actually exploring the REAL New York by Airbnbing all over the place and blending in with the locals. 

We chose to go with Airbnb because prices in Manhattan around this time of year were insane and we stayed for an entire week so $300+ a night times eight is.....disrespectful. So we we managed to do 8 days of accommodations in New York for just over $700 total. Not bad, right?  We started out with Airbnb #1 in Palisades Park, NJ (I know it's not New York, but it's close kinda sorta), ended up at Airbnb #2 in Queens, stayed in Astoria for Airbnb #3 which was my favorite place based on location and finally took a trip way out to Far Rockaway for Airbnb #4. Overall all our hosts and accommodations were on point, so if you're planning a trip I definitely recommend the ones linked. 

I know it seems like a lot of moving around, but think about how much we got to see! If you go to New York City for a week and stay in Time Square the entire time you're seriously missing out on the real New York that everyone knows and loves. We explored where the locals go with places like Create where we ate here three times because it's just that amazing, Verlaine where we indulged on famous Lychee Martinis with my boo Jaleesa and of course going to New York Pizza Suprema for the best pizza in the whole wide world. Boo thang also took me to see the famous Lion King on Broadway which was just as amazing as everyone raves it is. If you ever have the chance to see it, do it. It's just that simple.

Outside of just going with the flow and being a local, we were gifted CityPasses from NYC & Company for our trip so you know we had to take some time to check out some of the main tourist attractions. The CityPass is grants you access to SIX of New York's top must-see attractions for a discounted price (saving you $80+) and we had the opportunity to visit our top two picks during our vacation. 

We went to the Empire State Building to see the incredible views and let me tell you they are remarkable. Eighty six floors up showed New York City in a different light and it's truly breathtaking. We also were able to visit the American Museum of Natural History which was SO COOL. I'm actually a dinosaur enthusiast (super lowkey) so it was awesome to see all of the fossils on display at the Museum.

So that's New York in a nutshell! If you read/watched my Bermuda experience you'll know I tend to truly go on vacation and limit my phone/camera use on these trips, but I tried to vlog a bit more this time. Still a work in progress with this whole vlogging thing, but I hope you enjoy what I came up with!