Visiting Busch Gardens

If you follow me on Snapchat you already know where I was last weekend.. BUSCH GARDENS. Can you say hello childhood memories galore? Yea, we took a trip to Tampa, FL for a fun filled day at this local amusement park. I'm talking about foreign animals, jaw-dropping roller coasters and beautiful scenery that makes you wish you could stay for a lifetime. I swear every time I go to this park it's truly amazing and it was Denzel's first time going so he definitely got a rockstar experience at this park.

Now let me tell you, I had NO intentions of getting on the roller coasters because I'm truthfully a scared cat. I'm an on-the-ground-barely-moving ride type of girl, so I wanted to go here to really take in the views, see the animals and eat great food. Leave it to Denzel to switch up all my plans and get me on Cheetah Hunt within the first 30 minutes of us being there. The outcome? Pure enjoyment of roller coasters because I realized that it was just a ride. So to Busch Gardens I'd like to say thank you for an amazing trip, helping me get over my fears and a first-time for Denzie! Seeing him get scared on the coasters, (he'll deny it butI know it's true), was PRICELESS, so we thank you for the memories we shared at your park.

So we went to Tampa, FL for this amazing mini-vacation, but we didn't go as we normally would. Nope, we had the pleasure of riding up to our weekend getaway in a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Rockford Fosgate Edition, quite a mouth full, isn't it? Well this little car packs a punch with all that it had to offer on our FOUR HOUR drive.

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You all know I keep it 100% honest on here so for starters, I'm average height, (you know the standard 5'4"), while Denzel is 6'4", (which he claims he's 6'5" with good posture). Needless to say the guy's tall as hell. So I bet you're wondering how on Earth did he fit into this tiny electric blue car and sit still for that long? Well, he did it and he did it with COMFORT. The Mirage honestly had plenty of room for him as well as our luggage in the trunk. I was genuinely surprised by how spacious the car was for the two of us and would go on to say if you're interested in one but a bit taller, you'll definitely find this car will be comfy. Size matters and size wise, the Mirage gets a passing score from us! (His shoes got soaked at Busch Gardens, LOL)

Besides size there's also another HUGE factor we took into consideration with this car...price. My blog is all about AFFORDABLE things so naturally if it's on the blog best believe it's budget friendly. This car would only cost $12,995 to purchase which is suuuper inexpensive. But the deal gets sweeter with continuing to be affordable even after the purchase with great miles per gallon. Most car advertisements say you'll get X, Y and Z miles per gallon, but realistically we all just want to know how much is it going to take to fill up that tank? Welp, a full tank lasted us the entire four hour trip driving from Miami to Tampa, which was awesome. We pulled over near our hotel to get gas and were shocked, literally SHOCKED at how inexpensive it was to fill up. It only took $16 for a whole take. The entire thing! Denzel had to get a cash refund because we'd assumed it would be at least $20. Budget wise this car is a top pick in actual price and then gas pricing. (Lovely interior + plenty of space)

Overall thoughts on the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Rockford Fosgate Edition? I think it's a winner! If you're in the market for an affordable, comfortable car I'd say give it a look. They're cute to the eye and smooth to the ride, so you should definitely give it a test drive. This wasn't the first time I've rode Mitsubishi, (my mother owned two), and I don't think it'll be my last. So thank you Mitsubishi, it was a pleasure riding with you!




*This post was sponsored by Drive Shop, Mitsubishi and Busch Gardens. Product and services were provided to me at a complimentary or discounted rate. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.