Visiting Seaworld's Aquatica + VLOG

This post was sponsored by SeaWorld's Aquatica! All opinions are my own. 

This post was sponsored by SeaWorld's Aquatica! All opinions are my own. 

It's been entirely too long since I've sat down and COMPLETED a blog post...You know what else I haven't done in a long time? Went to a water park and behaved like a little kid again.

I'm sure you've seen from my trip to Busch Gardens and my Adulting Sucks video with Wandarelux that I truly am a kid at heart. I enjoy letting loose, forgetting that I'm awkwardly unemployed at the moment and just living as if I'm 9 years old, again. So for Ashley's birthday we crawled out from the comfort of our antisocial safe space and went out to explore!

We took a day trip over to Orlando to SeaWorld's Aquatica park despite it being slightly chilly outside....and by slightly chilly I say in the low 70's.

*waits for all my northern readers to say I'm dramatic*

But despite a little breeze, we had one hell of a time soaking up the sun, screaming at the top of our lungs in water slide tubes and stuffing our face with nachos. I quite honestly  forgot how fun waterparks can be, especially when you go on a day where the lines are minimal and you can stay the entire day. Yea, that pretty much sums up a good day in our eyes. 

Want to know more about our day? I'd rather show you than tell you! I tried vlogging, yet again, and this time I think we've got a little something, something going on. We used Ashley's GoPro and my old, basic camera to try to capture the essence of our quick trip to Aquatica! Check it out below and we hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Aquatica for a great day trip!