Here's Why Millennials Should Fly JetBlue

This post is NOT sponsored by JetBlue in anyway. All opinions are my own. 

This post is NOT sponsored by JetBlue in anyway. All opinions are my own. 

If you're a true member of the Candid Clan, (just made that up but I totally love the sound of it), then the following statement should not come as a surprise to you...

I LOVE flying JetBlue...period.

I've said it on multiple occasions and whether it was flying to New York, Bermuda or even Boston, JetBlue has always been my preferred choice of air travel. Now with everyone knowing that I'm slightly obsessed with them, I thought to myself why not share exactly why I love them so much?

Let's be clear here, this is not a full blown JetBlue review where I go into the nitty gritty. I actually had a subpar experience with two other airlines, (no I will not shade the other companies so get that out of your head), during my last trip to New York and was like this is the perfect time to express the small, yet significant details that put JetBlue over the top. 

With that, I also wanted to point out that the title of this says MILLENNIALS but it's for just about everyone. I specifically wanted to share with my millennial boos because I think JetBlue is perfect for us since everyone seems to be on this travel bug trend right now and some of us might have limited coins to spend.

Can you tell I love me some JetBlue? Well here's the main reasons they're the best in my eyes.


First and foremost I just want to let you all know that they board the plane CORRECTLY. Since I typically fly JetBlue I didn't realize how IMPORTANT the way they board the plane is until I flew with another airline.

To me, it makes NO sense why an airline would board all the people in first class, priority, then everyone in random groups. I can't speak on the way they're categorized, but it was a hot mess. People all the way in the front paired with people who were in the last row, it just didn't make sense and made it difficult for people to continue down the already narrow aisle.

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With JetBlue they board people with priority, then back to front. THIS. IS. HUGE. PEOPLE. No more having to wait for the lady who's taking forever in row 3 while you're back in row 27. You're called to board based on the farthest to the back up to the front. Boarding truly is a breeze with this method and it makes entirely TOO much sense to board a plane this way. 

If you haven't flown JetBlue, do it once and you'll never look at anyone's boarding process the same again.

In addition to boarding, I always find my time spent in their terminal/gate is always pleasant. They have charging stations for your phones, which many airlines have, but they also have iPad booths throughout their gates. I find this to be extremely resourceful if I'm in a pinch, but need to hop on the internet for something. I don't have to bring out my dinosaur laptop because JetBlue's got me covered. 

I don't know if this is standard across the United States, but for every flight I've taken with them in different airports I've always had this accessible to me.


Once on the plane, I'm a HUGE stickler for the on board entertainment and snacks provided. I quite honestly didn't realize I was until I received a snack that wasn't the greatest AND was stuck watching the golf channel on a small screen three rows in front of me. Not exactly my idea of "entertainment".

With JetBlue they offer a variety of snacks that you can CHOOSE from on your own and can I just say the Blue Chips they have are off the chain? Seriously. They're the best option.

Here's another game changer, you can also ask for more than one snack! I've flown many times where the flight attendant informed me it's okay for my growling stomach to want more than one snack. Seriously, it matters. 

Now with their entertainment, first of all they have that FREE Wifi. No strings attached. No credit card needed. No hidden gimmicks. It's free wifi and it actually works. I recall finishing blog edits and updating my social media while on board on multiple occasions. The free wifi is seriously a necessity for all of us content creators.

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But in addition to that as a source of entertainment, they also have individual TV screens for everyone with live television, on demand shows and in theaters movies. I've watched the Food Network, The Jungle Book and Barber Shop 2 all on JetBlue flights. The versatility of being able to watch actual television or recent movies is HUGE. If you're a nervous flyer like me, getting into a show or movie seriously makes your flight that much smoother.  


As an anxious flyer, the best part of a flight for me is when I'm landed and exiting the airport. I personally HATE flying, but hey, a girl's got to travel the world or whatever.

I know post flight most airlines keep your email and send you alerts, but honey pay attention to the emails you get from JetBlue! Probably my favorite reason for choosing JetBlue is they offer $39 one way flights. Yes, $39 to fly somewhere. 

Some of you may counter this with, but other budget airlines like Spirit have cheap flights too...but remember you have to add on government taxes and additional costs for your carry on. With JetBlue you have the carry on and personal item included in that sweet $39 deal, so it truly is inexpensive.

If you're a spontaneous traveler, I'd definitely recommend signing up for their email alerts because when they pop up for that cheap it's time to pack a bag and go!  

That's all I've got! I absolutely love this company over any airline I've traveled, and trust me I've traveled with many where the experience has been subpar all the way up to traumatic. Yes, I said traumatic and no I'm not exaggerating. 

So to all my millennials, if you're not on JetBlue I challenge you to fly with them and tell me your thoughts! If you have a favorite airline that you think can top this winner, share it with me in the comments below.